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Intellectual Property Enforcement in the Digital World

Intellectual Property Enforcement in the Digital World by Melise Blakeslee helps attorneys understand the increasing range of illegal and malicious internet activity and a similarly expanding number of response or enforcement options.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522127659
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2017 Edition
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2017 Edition
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Intellectual Property Enforcement in the Digital World, 2017 Edition explains the legal implications of the Internet’s infrastructure and teaches you how to look for and interpret the evidence. The chapters are organized by type of problem instead of by legal topic. Many legal professionals can identify a problem in a general way (i.e., as defamation or counterfeiting), but may not be able to identify the wide range of interdisciplinary laws needed to resolve a problem when it occurs on the Internet.

The fact that the Internet is global can create opportunities to gain a strategic advantage. In addition to explaining the legal implications of the Internet’s infrastructure, this title demonstrates how to look for and interpret the evidence. This 2017 Edition also includes a discussion of the laws of Canada and the European e-Commerce Directives in connection with resolving trademarks and copyright problems under their respective laws. A revised list of online investigative tools is also provided for the practitioner.


•   Features a number of topical issues including but not limited to: Internet Jurisdiction, Cybersquatting, Key Word Advertising, Defamation, Copyright, Counterfeiting, and Investigative Techniques
•   Written by a high-profile partner with extensive experience in preventing/prosecuting internet fraud
•   Provides a unique combination of current technology, the state of the law, and remedies available to attorneys to provide their clients with the best and most efficient aid against internet-related crime


"In her useful new book Internet Crimes, Torts, and Scams, Melise Blakeslee gives practical, easy-to-follow instruction for monitoring uses of intellectual property on the internet. The book also deftly explains subtle nuances in IP law that help guide the reader in determining whether certain uses are permissible." - Martin Cribbs, President - Six Degrees Intellectual Property Consulting

"Any attorney who prosecutes Internet crimes and scams will want this book close at hand for reference...Internet Crimes, Torts and Scams offers interested lawyers and laypersons alike a solid reference with which to understand and address these virtual threats."

--James P. Kelly, Jr.

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 2 Basic Investigation

CHAPTER 3 Jurisdictional Quagmire

CHAPTER 4 Intellectual Property

CHAPTER 5 The Problem of Anonymity in Defamation and “Faceless” Torts

CHAPTER 6 Electronic Evidence—Special Considerations

CHAPTER 7 Forensics and Experts

APPENDIX A: Online Investigative Tools

APPENDIX B: Federal Laws

APPENDIX C: State SPAM Laws Summarized

APPENDIX D: ICANN Policies & Rules

APPENDIX E: CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Version 1.3 (August 22, 2011)

APPENDIX F: Table of DMCA Takedown Procedures for Popular Websites

APPENDIX G: Best Practice for the Seizure of Electronic Evidence