Indiana Pleading and Practice with Forms

A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the Indiana Trial Rules with all forms necessary for civil and criminal proceedings.

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Print Book:7 volumes, loose-leaf, updated biannually with revisions
ISBN: 9780820513393
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ISBN: 9781579116545
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Treatise coverage of all the Indiana Rules of Pleading and Practice along with sophisticated forms tailored by Indiana practitioners. These volumes provide all forms necessary for a civil action under the Indiana Trial Rules, from subpoenas, to motion to reconsider, to civil procedure. Includes exhaustive commentary on the issues surrounding each rule, the full text of each rule, and comparisons of each rule to its federal counterpart and, as needed, to prior Civil Code practice.

And there's more:

  • Concise survey of cases applying to each rule and full range of applicable federal cases
  • Cross-references to every other form you'll need, and to other relevant rules, statutes, and cases
    • Indiana subpoena form
    • Motion to reconsider in Indiana
    • Indiana rules of civil procedure
    • And much more
  • Valuable practice pointers from the authors
  • A full volume of criminal procedure forms, fully annotated and designed to reflect the recently adopted Criminal Code

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Table of contents

• CHAPTER 1 Scope of the Rules
• CHAPTER 2 One Form of Action
• CHAPTER 3 Commencement of an Action
• CHAPTER 3.1 Appearance
• CHAPTER 4 Process
• CHAPTER 4.1 Summons: Service on Individuals
• CHAPTER 4.2 Service Upon Infants or Incompetents
• CHAPTER 4.3 Service Upon Institutionalized Persons
• CHAPTER 4.4 Service Upon Persons in Actions for Acts Done in This State or Having an Effect in This State
• CHAPTER 4.5 Service Upon Resident Who Cannot Be Found or Served Within the State
• CHAPTER 4.6 Service Upon Organizations
• CHAPTER 4.7 Summons: Service Upon Agent Named by Statute or Agreement
• CHAPTER 4.8 Service of Pleadings or Summons on Attorney General
• CHAPTER 4.9 Summons: In Rem Actions
• CHAPTER 4.10 Summons: Service Upon Secretary of State or Other Governmental Agent
• CHAPTER 4.11 Summons: Registered or Certified Mail
• CHAPTER 4.12 Summons: Service by Sheriff or Other Officer
• CHAPTER 4.13 Summons: Service by Publication
• CHAPTER 4.14 Territorial Limits and Service Under Special Order
• CHAPTER 4.15 Summons: Proof of Service-Return-Amendments-Defects
• CHAPTER 4.16 Duties of Persons to Aid in Service
• CHAPTER 4.17 Certain Proceedings Excepted
• CHAPTER 5 Service and Filing of Pleading and Other Papers
• CHAPTER 6 Time
• CHAPTER 7 Pleadings Allowed-Form of Motion
• CHAPTER 8 General Rules of Pleading
• CHAPTER 9 Pleading Special Matters
• CHAPTER 9.1 Pleading and Proof of Contributory Negligence, Assumed Risk, Res Ipsa Loquitur, Consideration, Bona Fide Purchaser, Matters of Judicial Notice, Answer of Distraint
• CHAPTER 9.2 Pleading and Proof of Written Instruments
• CHAPTER 10 Form of Pleading
• CHAPTER 11 Signing and Verification of Pleadings
• CHAPTER 12 Defenses and Objections-When and How Presented--By Pleading or Motion-Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
• CHAPTER 13 Counterclaim and Cross-Claim
• CHAPTER 14 Third-Party Practice
• CHAPTER 15 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
• CHAPTER 16 Pre-Trial Procedure; Formulating Issues
• CHAPTER 17 Parties Plaintiff and Defendant-Capacity
• CHAPTER 17.1 Parties: State as Party-Attorney General
• CHAPTER 18 Joinder of Claims and Remedies
• CHAPTER 19 Joinder of Persons Needed For Just Adjudication
• CHAPTER 20 Permissive Joinder of Parties
• CHAPTER 21 Misjoinder and Non-Joinder of Parties; Venue and Jurisdiction Over the Subject Matter
• CHAPTER 22 Interpleader
• CHAPTER 23 Class Actions
• CHAPTER 23.1 Derivative Actions by Shareholders
• CHAPTER 23.2 Actions Relating To Unincorporated Associations
• CHAPTER 24 Intervention
• CHAPTER 25 Substitution of Parties
• CHAPTER 26 General Provisions Governing Discovery
• CHAPTER 27 Depositions Before Action or Pending Appeal
• CHAPTER 28 Persons Before Whom Depositions May Be Taken; Discovery Across State Lines; Before Administrative Agencies; And After Judgment
• CHAPTER 29 Stipulations Regarding Discovery Procedure
• CHAPTER 30 Depositions Upon Oral Examination
• CHAPTER 31 Deposition of Witnesses Upon Written Questions
• CHAPTER 32 Use of Depositions In Court Proceedings
• CHAPTER 33 Interrogatories To Parties
• CHAPTER 34 Production of Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Things And Entry Upon Land For Inspection and Other Purposes
• CHAPTER 35 Physical and Mental Examination of Persons
• CHAPTER 36 Requests For Admissions
• CHAPTER 37 Failure To Make or Cooperate In Discovery: Sanctions
• CHAPTER 38 Jury Trial of Right
• CHAPTER 39 Trial by Jury or by the Court
• CHAPTER 40 Assignment of Cases for Trial
• CHAPTER 41 Dismissal of Actions
• CHAPTER 42 Consolidation-Separate Trials
• CHAPTER 43 Evidence
• CHAPTER 44 Proof of Official Record
• CHAPTER 44.1 Determination of Foreign Law
• CHAPTER 45 Subpoena
• CHAPTER 46 Exceptions Unnecessary
• CHAPTER 47 Jurors and Peremptory Challenges
• CHAPTER 48 Juries of Less Than Six-Majority Verdict
• CHAPTER 49 Special Verdicts and Interrogatories
• CHAPTER 50 Judgment on the Evidence (Directed Verdict)
• CHAPTER 51 Instructions to Jury: Objections, Requests: Submission in Stages
• CHAPTER 52 Findings by the Court
• CHAPTER 53 Masters
• CHAPTER 53.1 Failure To Rule on Motion
• CHAPTER 53.2 Time for Holding Issue Under Advisement; Delay of Entering a Judgment
• CHAPTER 53.3 Motion To Correct Error; Time Limitation for Ruling
• CHAPTER 53.4 Repetitive Motions and Motions To Reconsider; Time for Holding Under Advisement; Automatic Denial
• CHAPTER 53.5 Continuances
• CHAPTER 54 Judgment; Costs
• CHAPTER 55 Default
• CHAPTER 56 Summary Judgment
• CHAPTER 57 Declaratory Judgments
• CHAPTER 58 Entry of Judgment
• CHAPTER 59 Motion To Correct Errors
• CHAPTER 60 Relief From Judgment or Order
• CHAPTER 60.5 Mandate of Funds
• CHAPTER 61 Harmless Error
• CHAPTER 62 Stay of Proceedings To Enforce a Judgment
• CHAPTER 63 Disability and Unavailability of a Judge
• CHAPTER 63.1 Lis Pendens Notice of Proceedings Avoiding Judgments and Circumstances Tolling and Extending Statutes of Limitations; Assignments and Discharges in Lis Pendens and Judgment Dockets; Lis Pendens Notices in Cases Involving Interest in Personal Property
• CHAPTER 64 Seizure of Person or Property
• CHAPTER 65 Injunctions
• CHAPTER 65.1 Security: Proceedings Against Sureties
• CHAPTER 66 Receivers, Assignee For The Benefit of Creditors and Statutory and Other Liquidators: Claims Against Such Officers
• CHAPTER 67 Deposit in Court; Payment of Judgment
• CHAPTER 68 Offer of Judgment
• CHAPTER 69 Execution, Proceedings Supplemental To Execution, Foreclosure Sales
• CHAPTER 70 Judgment for Specific Acts; Vesting Title: Recordation
• CHAPTER 71 Process in Behalf of And Against Persons Not Parties
• CHAPTER 72 Trial Courts and Clerks
• CHAPTER 73 Hearing of Motions
• CHAPTER 74 Recording Machines; Court Reports; Stenographic Report or Transcript as Evidence
• CHAPTER 75 Venue Requirements
• CHAPTER 76 Change of Venue
• CHAPTER 77 Books and Records Kept By The Clerk and Entries Therein
• CHAPTER 78 Jurisdiction Pending Change from County
• CHAPTER 79 Special Judge-Selection: Circuit, Superior, Probate, Municipal, and County Courts
• CHAPTER 79.1 Rule 79.1. Special Judge-Selection: City, Town, and Marion County Small Claims Courts
• CHAPTER 80 Supreme Court Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure
• CHAPTER 81 Local Court Rules
• CHAPTER 82 Forms
• CHAPTER 83 Definitions
• CHAPTER 84 Effective Date
• CHAPTER 85 Reserved
• CHAPTER CR-1 Counsel for Defendant-Motion Practice
• CHAPTER CR-2 Arrests
• CHAPTER CR-3 Search and Seizure
• CHAPTER CR-5 Identification Procedures
• CHAPTER CR-6 Grand Jury
• CHAPTER CR-7 Confessions
• CHAPTER CR-8 Joinder and Severance
• CHAPTER CR-9 Indictment and Information
• CHAPTER CR-10 Motions to Dismiss
• CHAPTER CR-11 Speedy Trial-Statutes of Limitation
• CHAPTER CR-12 Double Jeopardy-Prosecution Barred by Prior Prosecution
• CHAPTER CR-13 Alibi
• CHAPTER CR-14 Omnibus Procedure-Pretrial Conference
• CHAPTER CR-15 Continuance
• CHAPTER CR-16 Discovery
• CHAPTER CR-17 Jurisdiction, Venue, Change of Venue From County and Judge
• CHAPTER CR-18 Plea Bargaining, Guilty Pleas, Arraignment
• CHAPTER CR-19 Insanity Defense-Mental Competence To Stand Trial
• CHAPTER CR-20 Presence of Accused
• CHAPTER CR-21 Jury Trial
• CHAPTER CR-22 Instructions
• CHAPTER CR-23 Evidence
• CHAPTER CR-24 Witnesses
• CHAPTER CR-25 Directed Verdict (Judgment on the Evidence-Involuntary Dismissal)
• CHAPTER CR-26 Sentencing-Probation
• CHAPTER CR-27 Appeal