Indiana Estate Planning and Probate Practice

A complete treatise and formbook covering Indiana law and procedure for estate planning and administration.
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Product description

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A complete treatise and formbook covering Indiana law and procedure for estate planning and administration. Written by Indiana practitioners, this time-saving set is organized for maximum efficiency.

Each chapter contains a Scope, Synopsis, Legal Background and Research Guide, a Practice Guide, and Forms with comments and instructions.

  • Features exhaustive coverage of estate planning and will drafting
  • Provides a logical, organized approach to every stage of the probate process
  • Offers detailed treatment of tax planning and returns
  • Includes a Topic Index, Table of Statutes, and Table of all Indiana and Federal cases cited in the set

    First published in 1990.

    4 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions twice per year.

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    Table of contents

    Volume 1
    Unit 1 The Attorney’s Role
    Chapter 1 Attorney Ethics in Estate Planning and Probate Practice
    Chapter 2 Malpractice Liability
    Chapters 3-9 Reserved

    Unit 2
    Wills and Estate Planning
    Chapter 10 Estate Planning Guide
    Chapter 11 Standard Wills
    Chapter 12 Marital Deduction Wills
    Chapter 13 Charitable Dispositions
    Chapter 14 Beneficiaries and Testator’s Personal Instructions
    Chapter 15 Disposition of Property
    Chapter 16 Conditional Estates and Future Interests

    Volume 2
    Chapter 17 Powers of Appointment
    Chapter 18 Testamentary Trusts
    Chapter 19 Nomination of Guardians
    Chapter 20 Nomination of Executors
    Chapter 21 Codicils
    Chapter 22 Living Trusts
    Chapter 23 Antenuptial Agreements
    Chapters 24-29 Reserved

    Unit 3
    Preliminary Probate Proceedings
    Chapter 30 Initial Procedures After Death
    Chapter 31 Initiating Probate
    Chapter 32 Unsupervised Administration
    Chapters 33-39 Reserved

    Unit 4
    Probate Litigation
    Chapter 40 Will Contests
    Chapter 41 Contested Claims
    Chapters 42-49 Reserved

    Unit 5
    Administration of the Estate
    Chapter 50 Determination of Heirship
    Chapter 51 Family Allowance and Elective Share
    Chapter 52 Settlement of Small Estate
    Chapter 53 Collecting Assets
    Chapter 54 Inventory and Appraisal
    Chapter 55 Indiana Inheritance and Estate Tax
    Chapter 56 Income Tax Returns for the Decedent and the Estate
    Chapter 57 Federal Estate Tax
    Chapter 58 Claims Against the Estate
    Chapter 59 Sale of Estate Property

    Volume 4
    Chapter 60 Management of Estate Assets
    Chapter 61 Accounting and Distribution—Closing of Estate
    Chapters 62-69 Reserved

    Unit 6
    Removal, Compensation, and Discharge of the Personal Representative
    Chapter 70 Removal, Resignation, Death, or Incapacity of Personal Representative
    Chapter 71 Discharge of Personal Representative
    Chapters 72-79 Reserved

    Unit 7
    Related Proceedings
    Chapter 80 Guardianship
    Chapter 81 Powers of Attorney

    Table of Cases
    Table of Statutes