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Illinois Wildlife and Natural Resources Laws Annotated

A convenient softcover volume containing the annotated text of Illinois wildlife and natural resources statutes.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522140993
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ISBN: 9781522172437
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Illinois Wildlife and Natural Resources Laws Annotated is designed with the lawyer or law enforcement professional who deals with wildlife or natural resources issues in mind. Reprinted from the Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated, this convenient softbound single volume is fully updated with the latest statutes enacted by the Illinois General Assembly.

The full text of the law includes editorial notes and is fully annotated with carefully prepared Case Notes from Illinois and Federal decisions that demonstrate our expert editors' exhaustive attention to state-specific detail. Annotations to treatises, practice guides, research references, legal periodicals and law reviews allow you to easily expand your research on a specific statutory section or topic and develop a thorough analysis of your client's issue that is critical to success. A Table of Contents, Table of Sections Affected, and a comprehensive Index are included so you can find what you need quickly.

Get your copy today and see why thousands of lawyers and law enforcement professionals nationwide prefer LexisNexis for their legal reference and research needs.

Table of Contents

Table of Sections Affected to 99-905 to 100-538

Chapter 20. Executive Branch

Executive Departments

Act 5. Civil Administrative Code of Illinois

Department of Natural Resources

Act 801. Department of Natural Resources Act

Act 805. Civil Administrative Code of Illinois

Act 820. Forestry Cooperative Agreement Act

Act 825. Forest Land Exchange Act

Act 830. Interagency Wetland Policy Act of 1989

Act 835. State Parks Act

Act 840. State Parks Designation Act

Act 845. State Park Audit Act

Act 850. Illinois and Michigan Canal State Park Act

Act 855. Wild or Scenic River Area Act

Act 860. Outdoor Recreation Resources Act

Act 862. Recreational Trails of Illinois Act

Act 865. Kaskaskia River Watershed Operation and Maintenance Act

Act 870. Rend Lake Dam and Reservoir Operation and Maintenance Act

Act 875. Firearms Training Act

Act 880. Illinois Conservation Foundation Act

Act 885. Lead Sinker Act

Act 890. Public Land Pack and Saddle Animal Access Act

Act 895. Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Advisory Council Act

Department of Natural Resources

Act 1920. Abandoned Mined Lands and Water Reclamation Act

Historic Preservation Agency

Act 3410. Illinois Historic Preservation Act

Act 4060. Wabash and Ohio Rivers Coordinating Council Act

Chapter 30. Finance


Act 105. State Finance Act

Act 150. Natural Heritage Fund Act

Act 155. Illinois Non-Game Wildlife Protection Act

Act 160. Public Use Trust Act

Bonds and Debt

Act 380. Repealed

Grants and Aid

Act 735. Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Act

Chapter 70. Special Districts


Act 410. Conservation District Act

Chapter 210. Health Facilities

Act 95. Campground Licensing and Recreational Area Act

Chapter 225. Professions and Occupations

Safety and Environment

Act 210. Illinois Explosives Act

Natural Resources

Act 735. Timber Buyers Licensing Act

Act 740. Forest Products Transportation Act

Chapter 415. Environmental Safety

Act 5. Environmental Protection Act

Act 56. Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act

Chapter 425. Fire Safety

Act 40. Forest Fire Protection District Act

Chapter 515. Fish

Act 5. Fish and Aquatic Life Code

Chapter 520. Wildlife

Act 5. Wildlife Code

Act 10. Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act

Act 15. Wildlife Restoration Cooperation Act

Act 20. Wildlife Habitat Management Areas Act

Act 25. Habitat Endowment Act

Act 30. Illinois Hunting Heritage Protection Act

Chapter 525. Conservation

Act 5. Cave Protection Act

Act 10. Illinois Exotic Weed Act

Act 15. Illinois Forestry Development Act

Act 20. Ginseng Harvesting Act

Act 30. Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act

Act 33. Illinois Open Land Trust Act

Act 35. Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Act

Act 37. Illinois Prescribed Burning Act

Act 40. State Forest Act

Act 50. Illinois Veteran, Youth, and Young Adult Conservation Jobs

Chapter 615. Waterways

Act 30. Illinois and Michigan Canal Management Act

Act 35. Illinois and Michigan Canal Protection Act

Act 40. Illinois and Michigan Canal Land Use Act

Act 45. Illinois and Michigan Canal Development Act

Act 95. Vermilion River Middle Fork Act

Act 105. Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park Act

Chapter 625. Vehicles

Act 40. Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act

Act 45. Boat Registration and Safety Act

Chapter 720. Criminal Offenses

Offenses Against Persons

Act 125. Hunter and Fisherman Interference Prohibition Act

Offenses Against the Public

Act 585. Illinois Dangerous Animals Act

Chapter 740. Civil Liabilities

Act 185. Wrongful Tree Cutting Act

Chapter 765. Property

Real Property

Act 120. Real Property Conservation Rights Act

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