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Illinois Objections

Over 130 objections are covered with: pattern language, how to respond when faced with the objection, comments on how the rules apply, practice tips and cautions with detailed advice from the bench, arguments and strategies to support your objection, tactics and arguments to counter your opponent's objection, and relevant case cites with a synopsis of each case.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Illinois Objections

Objections, Responses, Arguments, Tips and Cases

Most evidentiary rulings are within the judge's discretion, and are made in seconds. Bad rulings are almost never reversible. As a result, victory usually goes to the lawyer who can prevail on the big objections in the heat of battle.

The key to winning evidentiary debates is objecting and responding with arguments and supporting authority at your fingertips. That is where Judges Daniel M. Locallo and Gerald F. Grubb's Illinois Objections comes in.

It uses a courtroom-friendly format to cover over 130 objections with clear and concise explanations, trial-tested tips, persuasive arguments, and supporting cases.

2,000 Recent Cases

Illinois Objections provides a time-saving alternative to lengthy treatises. Its concise but well-supported text puts the rules and cases at your fingertips. And its practical orientation guides you through the realities of evidentiary battles.

Covers All Important Objections

Illinois Objections is more than an evidence book. In addition to evidentiary objections, you'll find objections to jury selection, opening statement, closing argument, jury charges, judicial conduct and more. Coverage of all significant trial objections—from jury selection through closing argument—gives Illinois Objections vastly greater practical value than an evidence-only book.

Delivers More than Objections

The scope and breadth of Illinois Objections far exceeds the mechanics and arguments of making and meeting objections. Rules, definitions, distinctions, scope, weight, advice from the bench, examples, and procedures are provided for key evidentiary issues. Principles are extensively supported with case authority, and the underlying scholarship will impress you.

Don't let opposing counsel's objections block the admission of your critical evidence. And don't be caught unprepared when opposing counsel offers evidence you could obstruct—if you made the proper objection. Now you can more readily:

•   Preclude trial objections through motions in limine
•   Evaluate the admissibility of the opposition's evidence
•   Preserve the record for appeal
•   Decide when to object and when to remain silent
•   Respond to objections on the spot and with authority
•   Draft briefs on evidentiary objections and motions
•   Prevent jury exposure to adverse inadmissible evidence

From pretrial proceedings through expert testimony to summation, the practical coverage in this trial practice book will quickly earn its inexpensive keep.

Table of Contents

Procedures for Objections and Motions
Jury Selection
Opening Statement
Relevance and Materiality
Confusing, Prejudicial and Bolstering
Witness Competence
Witness Examination
Character and Habit
Science, Opinion and Experts
Photographs, Recordings and X-Rays
Real Evidence
Demonstrative Evidence
Parol Evidence
Discovery Materials
Judicial Notice; Presumptions; Admissions
Attorney Conduct
Judicial Conduct
Closing Argument
Submission to Jury