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Illinois Jurisprudence: Labor and Employment Law

Publisher: LexisNexis

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This one-volume resource is part of the Illinois Jurisprudence set, but also serves as a convenient stand-alone reference to the topic of Labor and Employment law in Illinois. Labor and Employment provides thorough coverage of the current state of Illinois labor and employment law and stresses emerging concepts and the most recent available authority.

The volume includes:
•  Authoritative coverage of every topic, including an overview of the employer-employee relationship; contracts of employment; rights, duties and liabilities incident to the employment relationship; employee health and safety; employee wages, benefits, and hours; employment discrimination; employment of minors; agency and independent contractors; and labor relations, including applicable state laws, the right of employees to organize, labor organizations, labor contracts and collective bargaining, grievances, unfair labor practices and disputes. Coverage is focused on state law but includes an introduction to federal labor law and its impact on state regulation in the field of private sector employment.
•  Practice Guides, Practice Commentary, Cautions, Illustrations, Recommendations and Reminders applying the law to factual situations arising in Illinois and calling attention to matters of practical significance for the Illinois lawyer.
•  Citations to applicable state and federal statutes and administrative rules and regulations; on-point state and federal case authority; law review articles; other text and on-line research resources.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

Part One  Employer-Employee Relationship

Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  Employee Health and Safety

Chapter 3  Employee Wages, Benefits, and Hours

Chapter 4  Employment Discrimination

Chapter 5  Employment of Minors

Part Two  Agency and Independent Contractors

Chapter 6  Creation and Existence of Agency

Chapter 7  Authority of Agent

Chapter 8  Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Principal and Agent

Chapter 9  Independent Contractors

Part Three  Labor Relations

Chapter 10  Introduction; Labor Organizations

Chapter 11  Labor Contracts and Collective Bargaining

Chapter 12  Grievances, Unfair Labor Practices, and Disputes