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Illinois Jurisprudence: Civil Procedure

Publisher: LexisNexis

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This one-volume resource is part of the Illinois Jurisprudence set, but it's also a convenient stand-alone reference, complete with its own tables and index. Civil Procedure provides an overview of "black letter" law summaries as well as thorough analysis of the emerging concepts, case law, statutes, and rules that apply to practicing civil law in Illinois. Special effort has been made to treat statutes of current interest in depth, and each chapter includes:

•  Federal aspects statements that show the application of federal law
•  Research references that include citations to standard reference works
•  Advice on strategies to follow and pitfalls to avoid
•  Application of the law to factual situations arising in Illinois

Concise, yet comprehensive, the Civil Procedure volume presents the letter of the law and its exceptions, qualifications, limitations, and extensions; and addresses issues facing Illinois civil practitioners today. This book is an unparalleled source of authority in the courtroom.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

Ch 1 Introduction to the Illinois Court System
Ch 2 Jurisdiction and venue
Ch 3 Pleadings
Ch 4 Relief pending final adjudication
Ch 5 Defending against a cause of action: responsive motions and pleadings
Ch 6 Amendments to pleadings
Ch 7 Pre-trial proceedings
Ch 8 Discovery
Ch 9 The trial process
Ch 10 Judgments: entry, enforcement, and modification
Ch 11 Sanctions for civil litigation misconduct before the circuit courts
Ch 12 Appeals
Ch 13 Effects of judgment