Henry's Indiana Probate Law and Practice

Speed your research with this logical, organized approach to every stage of the probate process.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Product description

Trusted for more than a century and written by two experienced attorneys in Indiana estate planning and probate law, Henry's provides a logical, organized approach to every stage of the probate process. It includes coverage of the Indiana Probate and Trust Codes, analyzes recent legislative changes and judicial decisions, and includes a full volume of useful forms. This indispensable set discusses cases pertaining to every conceivable situation. Comprehensive coverage includes:

• The history and philosophy of Indiana probate law
• Jurisdiction, venue, and notice
• Opening administration
• Powers, duties, liabilities, and termination of the authority of the personal representative
• Inventory and Appraisement
• Actions Involving the Estate
• Disposition of the Property of the Estate
• Marital Property Rights
• Execution of the Will
• Will Contests and Construction
• Guardianship
• Trusts
• Federal Estate and Gift Tax
• Indiana Death Tax, Estate Tax, and Other Taxes

First published in 1891.

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Table of contents

1. The History and Philosophy of Indiana Probate Law
2. Judicial Officers, Records, Pleadings, and Rules
3. Jurisdiction, Venue, and Notice
4. Necessity of Administration
5. Collection of Small “Estates by Affidavit
6. Opening Administration: The Issuance of Letters
7. Unsupervised Administration
8. Appointment of Personal Representatives in Special Situations
9. Qualifications of the Personal Representative
10. Bonds
11. Inventory and Appraisement
12. Powers, Duties and Liabilities of the Personal Representative
13. Termination of the Authority of a Personal Representative

14. Actions Involving the Estate
15. The Presentation of Claims
16. Non-Claim Statutes
17. Special Claims
18. Claims
19. Procedure in Trial of Claim

20. The Order of Payment of Claims and Allowances
21. Disposition of the Property of the Estate
22. Disposition of Personalty
23. Transfers of Realty
24. Accounting by the Personal Representative
25. Distribution
26. Closing the Estate

27. Marital Property Rights
28. Descent
29. Execution of the Will
30. Will Contests

31. Will Construction
32. Assets of the Estate
33. Estates and Interests Arising Through Wills and Inheritance

34. Co-Tenancies as Assets of the Estate
35. Acts of Incompetents
36. Partition
37. Guardianship
38. Adoption

39. Trusts
40. The Federal Estate and Gift Tax
41. Indiana Death Tax and Estate Tax and Other Taxes
42. Instructions to Juries
43. Life and Annuity Tables

44. Forms: Introduction
45. Forms: Estate Planning
46. Forms: Guardianship
47. Forms: Estate Administration