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Health Care Law: A Practical Guide

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Print Book :1 volume; looseleaf; updated annually
ISBN: 9780820513980
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ISBN: 9781579111335
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A comprehensive analysis and practical guide for handling the many legal issues facing all health care providers in today's dynamic health care environment.

Each chapter contains a concise, comprehensive discussion of the law; an analysis of problems likely to be faced by health care providers; and practical guidelines for dealing with those problems.

  • Medical malpractice, risk management and quality assurance
  • Consent to medical treatment
  • Medical information and confidentiality
  • Reimbursement
  • Antitrust and health care
  • Medical staff matters
  • Patient care issues--admission and discharge, abortion and sterilization, death, autopsies, organ donations, and AIDS issues
  • Tax issues
  • Contractual relations
  • Facility licensing and accreditation
  • Licensure of professionals
  • Joint Ventures and practice acquisitions
  • Fraud and abuse and self-referral issues
  • Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Overview of Health Care Regulatory and Transactional Activity in an Evolving Delivery System 
    Chapter 2: Health Care Provider Transactions: A Regulatory Primer
    Chapter 3: Physician Practice and Other Health Care Transactions
    Appendix 3: Sample Contract Representations and Warranties
    Chapter 4: Tax-Exempt Health Care Providers and Related Tax Issues
    Chapter 5: The Medicare-Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Statute, the Stark Act and the False Claims Act
    Chapter 6: Health Care Joint Ventures
    Appendix 6: Sample Contract Provisions for Joint Ventures
    Chapter 7: Reimbursement: Medicare and Medicaid
    Chapter 8: Health Care Facility Licensing, Accreditation and Resource Allocation
    Chapter 9: Antitrust and Health Care Ventures
    Chapter 10: Organizing Providers for Managed Care
    Chapter 11: Physician Compensation
    Chapter 12: Overview of the Issues Related to Medical Malpractice
    Chapter 13: The Law of Medical Malpractice
    Chapter 14: Risk Management Programs
    Chapter 15: Responses to the Malpractice Dilemma: Reform of the Negligence System; Government Controls
    Chapter 16: The Medical Staff
    Chapter 17: Licensure of Health Care Professionals
    Chapter 18: Health Care Employment and Labor Issues
    Chapter 19: Consent to Medical Treatment
    Appendix 19A: Advance Directive Statutes (Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPAHC))
    Appendix 19B: Statutes Authorizing Surrogate Decisionmaking in the Absence of Advance Directives
    Appendix 19C: Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) and Related Emergency Personnel Statutes
    Chapter 20: Medical Information and Confidentiality
    Chapter 21: Other Patient Care Issues
    Chapter 22: Health Care Compliance Plans
    Appendix 22A: Sample of Corporate Compliance Plan
    Appendix 22B: Recommended Preliminary Questions for Requesting Advisory Opinions
    Appendix 22C: Legal Audit Checklist