Guide to International Legal Research

by the staff of the George Washington International Law Review, discount available to students at participating bookstores
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663301772
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2020 Edition
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The Guide to International Legal Research is an authoritative and comprehensive reference tool for law students and practitioners. Authored annually by The George Washington International Law Review, the Guide is designed to assist both novices and professionals with their international legal research. Following an introduction by Professor Christopher J. Borgen, the Guide is organized into two parts. In the first part, chapters are divided by regions. Each regional chapter includes an overview of the geopolitical climate in that region and lists government resources, legal resources, media resources, and resources by topic. Where appropriate, these sources are subdivided by country. Many of the chapters discuss general multi-national organizations as well as international trade organizations and agreements that are specific to the region. The Guide also provides an overview of what each source covers and how it can be most effective.

The second part of the Guide covers substantive areas of international law, including general international law, public health law, space law, human rights law, group rights, intellectual property, international trade, international business transactions, tax law, environmental law, labor law, and international security law, among other topics. Much like the regional sections, the substantive chapters begin with a section on international governance followed by a section on secondary sources pertinent to that subject area.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Introduction

Chapter 2   General International Law

Chapter 3   Africa

Chapter 4   East Asia

Chapter 5   South Asia

Chapter 5A   Oceania

Chapter 6   Middle East

Chapter 7   Russia and the Former Soviet Union

Chapter 8   Europe

Chapter 9   Latin America

Chapter 10   Animal Law

Chapter 11   Environmental Law

Chapter 12   Human Rights

Chapter 12A   Group Rights

Chapter 13   Intellectual Property

Chapter 14   International Criminal Law

Chapter 15   International Business Transactions

Chapter 15A   Tax Law

Chapter 16   International Security Law

Chapter 17   International Trade

Chapter 18   International Product Liability

Chapter 19   Labor Law

Chapter 20   Maritime Law

Chapter 21   Public Health

Chapter 22   Space Law

Chapter 23   Telecommunications Law