Forensic Sciences

Dozens of experts discuss the sciences relevant to criminal and civil litigation and the law concerning their use in the courtroom.

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Forensic Sciences features dozens of experts discussing the sciences relevant to criminal and civil litigation and the law concerning their use in the courtroom. Coverage includes:

• Expert testimony and scientific evidence--admissibility, scope, impeachment, hypothetical questions, privilege, and more
• Forensic pathology
• Forensic anthropology and odontology
• Forensic engineering
• Forensic toxicology and pharmacology
• Antemortem and postmortem alcohol determinations
• Firearm identification
• Investigation of explosions
• AIDS: legal and medical considerations
• DNA typing--criminal and civil applications
• Illustrative testimony
• Index of experts
• Forensic psychiatry and psychology
• Computer imaging
• Auto accident investigation

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Admissibility of Expert Testimony

Chapter 2 Certainty of Expert Opinion

Chapter 3 Invasion of the Province of the Jury

Chapter 4 Weight of Medical Expert Opinion Evidence

Chapter 5 Hypothetical Questions and Disclosure of Facts Underlying Opinion

Chapter 6 Basis of Opinion Evidence

Chapter 7 Scope of Medical Expert Testimony and Standard of Care

Chapter 8 Privileged Communications and Confidentiality

Chapter 9 Causation

Chapter 10 Impeachment of Expert Testimony

Chapter 11 Discovery and Inspection

Chapter 12 Demonstrative Evidence

Chapter 12A Computer Animation for Lawyers

Chapter 12B Computer Graphics in the Forensic Sciences

Chapter 12C Crime Scene Reconstruction Using Real-Time Interactive 3D

Chapter 13 Use of Treatises and Texts

Chapter 14 Preparation of the Medical Expert

Chapter 15 Qualification of the Expert Witness

Chapter 16 Compelling Medical Expert to Testify

Chapter 17 Compensation of Experts

Chapter 18 Court Appointment of Experts

Chapter 19 Admissibility of Scientific Evidence Under the Post-Daubert Rules

Chapter 20 The Right to Die and Physician-Assisted Suicide

Chapter 21 Expert Witnesses in Sex Crimes Cases

Chapter 22 Clinical Forensic Medicine

Chapter 22A Investigation of Operative and Postoperative Deaths

Chapter 22B Forensic Nursing

Chapter 23 Forensic Pathologist as Expert in Civil Case

Chapter 23A Pathology of Electrical and Lightning Injuries

Chapter 23B Soil Microbial Ecology as Forensic Taphonomy

Chapter 23C Role of Burn Surgeon in Medicolegal Aspects of Abuse by Burning

Chapter 24 Medicolegal Problems in Determining Cause and Manner of Death in Vehicular Accidents

Chapter 24A RESERVED

Chapter 24B Automobile Accident Investigations: A Progressive and Evolving Science

Chapter 25 Use of Forensic Pathology in Defending Criminal Cases

Chapter 25A Forensic Autopsy Protocol

Chapter 25B Time of Death

Chapter 25C Forensic (Medicocriminal) Entomology--Applications in Medicolegal Investigations

Chapter 25D Blunt Force Trauma

Chapter 25E Role of Coroner/Medical Examiner After Disaster

Chapter 25F Childhood Head Trauma--Clinical Approach

Chapter 25G Childhood Head Trauma--Forensic Approach

Chapter 25H The Metabolic Autopsy

Chapter 26 Autopsy Law and Procedures

Chapter 26A The Battered Child Syndrome

Chapter 26B Human Research and Experimentation

Chapter 26C The Documentation of Human Rights Abuses

Chapter 26D Criminalistics--Science and Philosophy

Chapter 26E Sexual Molestation of Children

Chapter 26F Forensic Investigations of Human Rights Violations, Abuse, Mass Graves, and War Crimes

Chapter 27 Forensic Anthropology

Chapter 27A The Examination of Skeletal Remains

Chapter 27B Postmortem Change in Human and Animal Remains and Effects
of Freezing

Chapter 27C Cranial Photographic Superimposition

Chapter 27D Forensic Imaging Production and Utilization in Medicolegal Death Investigations

Chapter 27E Telemedicine: Forensic and Medicolegal Aspects

Chapter 28 Forensic Odontology

Chapter 28A The Evidence Provided by New Medical Imaging Technology

Chapter 28B Forensic Phonetics

Chapter 28C Forensic Speaker Identification

Chapter 28D Image Processing by Computer Analysis

Chapter 28E Facial Reproduction

Chapter 28F Forensic Imaging--Methods and Techniques

Chapter 29 Forensic Analysis of Biological Evidence

Chapter 29A Adverse Effects of Blood Transfusion

Chapter 29B Considerations and Potential Pitfalls of Laboratory Tests in the Diagnosis of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Chapter 29C Legal and Forensic Aspects of HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Chapter 29D AIDS--Medical, Legal, and Societal Concerns

Chapter 29E The Emergency Department Physician Confronts HIV Infection

Chapter 30 Relationship Analysis

Chapter 31 Forensic Toxicology

Chapter 31A Forensic Pharmacology

Chapter 31B Antemortem and Postmortem Alcohol Determinations

Chapter 31C Urine Testing for Drugs

Chapter 31D Death Associated with Anesthesia

Chapter 31E Tear Gas--Forensic Pathology Aspects

Chapter 31F Forensic Considerations in Environmental Pathology and Toxicology: Science, Regulation, Litigation, and a Tale of Two Toxins

Chapter 31G Medicolegal Aspects of Chemical Warfare Agents in Terror Attacks

Chapter 31H Scene Investigation in Terrorism Cases

Chapter 31I Disaster Medicine: A New Medical Specialty Comes of Age

Chapter 32 Forensic Psychiatry

Chapter 32A Forensic Psychology

Chapter 32B Forensic Psychology: Selection of Jurors and Other Courtroom Applications

Chapter 32C Psychological Autopsy: Retrospective Diagnosis of Suicide

Chapter 32D Forensic Implications of Early Eyewitness Memory

Chapter 32E Repressed and Recovered Memory

Chapter 32F Investigation of Suicide--Two Case Histories

Chapter 32G Police Interactions with Emotionally Disturbed Persons

Chapter 32H Role of Excited Delirium in Police-Involved Deaths

Chapter 33 Court Admissible Confessions and the Psychological Stress Evaluator

Chapter 34 The Polygraph: Basic Information and Admissibility of Evidence

Chapter 35 Crime Scene Reconstruction

Chapter 35A Photographic Documentation in Death Investigation: From
Death Scene Through Forensic Autopsy Examination ... and Beyond

Chapter 35B Forensic Meteorology

Chapter 35C The Crime Scene and Evidence

Chapter 36 Criminalistics

Chapter 36A Forensic Textile Fiber Analysis

Chapter 36B Trace and Transfer Evidence

Chapter 37 Recognition of Bloodstain Patterns

Chapter 37A Forensic Hair Examination

Chapter 37B Asphyxia: Suffocation, Strangulation, and Aspiration

Chapter 37C DNA Typing-- Criminal and Civil Applications

Chapter 37D Forensic Applications of Drug Testing of Hair

Chapter 37E Resuscitation (Patrick-Heimlich Method and Other Techniques): Medicolegal Considerations

Chapter 37F Use of DNA Evidence in Sex Crimes Cases

Chapter 37G Hair--An Important Biomonitor for Forensic and Toxicologic Investigation

Chapter 37H Positional Asphyxiation in Police Restraint Cases

Chapter 38 Firearm Injuries

Chapter 38A Investigation of Incendiary Fires

Chapter 38B Explosions and Terrorist Bombings--Investigative and
Medical Aspects

Chapter 38C Investigation of Fire Cases (Non-Incendiary)

Chapter 38D Forensic Cremation Analysis: Considerations for Investigation of Intentionally Burned Human Remains

Chapter 39 Questioned Document Examination

Chapter 39A Forensic Engineering

Chapter 39B Working with Forensic Engineering Scientists

Chapter 39C Forensic Economics: Estimating Economic Loss in Wrongful Death, Permanent Disability, and Discriminatory Discharge Cases

Chapter 39D Forensic Stylistics

Chapter 40 Illustrative Testimony

Chapter 41 Index of Experts