Florida Workers' Compensation Laws and Rules

Statutes and rules pertaining to Florida Workers' Compensation, along with authoritative case notes and annotations.
Publisher: Michie

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2023 Edition
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Florida Workers' Compensation Laws & Rules is a convenient single volume resource containing the entirety of Chapter 440 (Workers’ Compensation) of Title XXXI of the Florida Statutes, as well as relevant Sections of Title XXXVII (Insurance) and Florida Administrative Code. Authoritative case notes and annotations prepared by our staff of lawyer-editors accompany the statutes and rules.

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Table of contents

Florida Annotated Statutes 
Title XXXI. Labor
Chapter 440. Workers’ Compensation
Title XXXVII. Insurance
Chapter 627. Insurance Rates and Contracts
Part I. Rates and Rating Organizations (Selected Sections)
Part II. The Insurance Contract (Selected Section)
Chapter 631. Insurer Insolvency; Guaranty of Payment
Part I. Insurer Insolvency: Rehabilitation and Liquidation (Selected Section)
Part V. Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association

Florida Administrative Code
Title 59. Agency for Health Care Administration
Division 59A. Health Facility and Agency Licensing
Chapter 59A-23. Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Arrangements
Title 60. Department of Management Services
Division 60Q. Division of Administrative Hearings
Chapter 60Q-6. Rules of Procedure for Workers’ Compensation Adjudications
Title 69. Department of Financial Services
Division 69L. Division of Worker’s Compensation
Chapter 69L-3. Workers’ Compensation Claims
Chapter 69L-4. Assessments
Chapter 69L-5. Rules for Self-Insurers Under the Workers’ Compensation Act
Chapter 69L-6. Workers’ Compensation Compliance
Chapter 69L-7. Workers’ Compensation Medical Reimbursement and Utilization Review
Chapter 69L-8. Selected Materials Incorporated by Reference
Chapter 69L-9. Drug Testing Rule
Chapter 69L-10. Claim for Reimbursement Against the Special Disability Trust Fund
Chapter 69L-11. Preferred Worker Program
Chapter 69L-22. Reemployment Services – Workers Compensation
Chapter 69L-24. Workers’ Compensation Insurers’ Standards and Practices
Chapter 69L-26. Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office
Chapter 69L-29. Health Care Provider Certification
Chapter 69L-30. Expert Medical Advisors
Chapter 69L-31. Utilization and Reimbursement Dispute Rules
Chapter 69L-34. Carrier Report of Health Care Provider Violations
Chapter 69L-56. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Requirements for Proof of Coverage and Claims (Non-Medical)
Division 69O. Division of Worker’s Compensation
Chapter 69O-189. Workers’ Compensation
Chapter 69O-190. Rules for Self-Insurers Under the Workers’ Compensation Act