Florida Real Estate Transactions

Repeatedly cited in Florida courts, this treatise delivers comprehensive coverage of the issues essential to a real estate practice.

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Print Book:6 volumes, loose-leaf, updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820511504
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ISBN: 9781579115913
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This treatise delivers authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the issues essential to a real estate practice, including:

Sales contracts; deeds; priorities and recording; special titles; state and federal taxation; mortgages; liens; landlord and tenant; zoning; cooperatives; condominiums; land use and environmental regulation.

This set also provides:

•   In-depth textual analysis, annotated to Florida cases, statutes and regulations
•   Complete forms; examples of contracts, agreements and other instruments
•   Index, Table of Forms, updated regularly.

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Table of contents

Part I The Sales Contract 

Ch 1 Statute of Frauds

Ch 2 Brokers

Ch 3 Elements of the Sales Contract

Ch 4 Additional Clauses

Ch 5 Rights of Creditors

Ch 6 Death or Disappearance of a Party to the Contract

Ch 6a Contract Forms

Ch 6b Option Contracts

Part II The Deed

Ch 6c Checklists for Title Closing

Ch 7 Types of Deeds for General Use and Rules of Construction

Ch 8 Formalities and Proof of Execution

Ch 9 Delivery of Deeds, Including Escrow

Ch 10 Parties to the Deed

Ch 11 Consideration

Ch 12 Estates Created

Ch 13 Land Description and Boundaries; Disputed Boundaries

Ch 14 Marketable Title, Marketable Record Title, and Uniform Title Standards

Ch 15 Title Covenants

Ch 16 Voidable Title; Grounds for Rescission and Reformation of Deeds

Part III Estates

Ch 17 Introduction

Ch 18 Freehold Possessory Estates

Ch 19 Non-Freehold Or Leasehold Estates

Ch 20 Concurrent Estates

Ch 21 Property Rights Between Spouses

Ch 22 Future Interests

Chs 23-25 [Reserved]

Part IV Priorities and Recording

Ch 26 In General

Ch 27 Notice

Ch 28 Particular Interests Protected

Chs 29-30 [Reserved]

Part V Financing, Liens and Taxes

Ch 31 Federal Consumer Protection Laws Affecting Real Estate Transactions

Ch 32 Real Property Secured Transactions

Ch 32a Sales Financing

Ch 33 Construction Liens

Ch 34 Liens and State Taxes

Ch 34a Equitable and Vendors' Liens

Ch 35 [Reserved]

Ch 36 Federal Taxation of Real Estate Transactions

Part VI Land Use And Environmental Regulation

Ch 37 Land Use Control

Ch 38 Zoning

Ch 39 Environmental Regulation

Chs 40-49 [Reserved]

Part VII Landlord and Tenant

Ch 50 Creation and Characteristics of Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Ch 51 Residential Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Ch 52 Residential Landlord-Tenant Litigation and Procedure

Ch 53 Mobile Home Park Lot Tenancies

Ch 54 Commercial Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Ch 55 Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation and Procedure

Chs 56-109 [Reserved]

Part VIII Interests Related to Estates

Ch 110 Easements and Licenses

Ch 111 Restrictive Covenants

Ch 112 Water-Related Property Rights

Ch 113 Land Trusts

Chs 114-119 [Reserved]

Part IX Special Titles

Ch 120 Dedication

Ch 121 Tax Titles

Chs 122-129 [Reserved]

Part X Quieting Title

Ch 130 Quieting Title and Related Adverse Actions
Ch 131 Partition

Chs 132-179 [Reserved]

Part XI Real Estate Development

Subpart 1 Construction

Subpart 2 Special Developments

Part XII Eminent Domain

Ch 200 Scope and Authority of Eminent Domain Power

Ch 201 Slow and Quick Take Procedures

Ch 202 Evaluation and Preparation of an Eminent Domain Case