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Florida Family Law Trial Notebook

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9781945421426
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Florida Family Law Trial Notebook

When rapid access to family authority is needed, turn to Thomas R. Eineman's Florida Family Law Trial Notebook. This book allows you to quickly find arguments and objections on the eve of trial, in court, or during a recess. You receive:

•   Summary of the law. A quick and easy reference to the law regarding every major substantive issue in marital and family law cases.
•   Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure. A complete, plain English summary of every rule, complete with case annotations.
•   Evidentiary issues highlighted. Separate chapters are devoted to evidentiary issues most commonly encountered in marital law cases, including documentary evidence, trial testimony (proffering testimony, privileges, and objections), witnesses (including expert witnesses), and the rules of hearsay.

Florida Family Law Trial Notebook is the single source for answers to issues arising in family court. Its tabbed pages and unique organization will help you solve the most difficult evidence, procedure, and substantive law questions.

Table of Contents

Course and Conduct of Trial
Documentary Evidence
Other Physical Proof
Witness Competence and Disqualification
Witness Examination: Basic Issues
Witness Questioning and Answering Objections Checklist
Science, Opinion and Experts
Alternatives to Physical and Testimonial Proof
Hearsay Basics
Hearsay Exceptions: Declarant Unavailable
Hearsay Exceptions: Declarant Available
Character and Habit
Relevance and Materiality
Other Rules Governing Both Physical and Testimonial Proof
Substantive Family Law
Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure