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Florida Family Law & Practice

Publisher: James Publishing

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Florida Family Law & Practice

Factors beyond their control are increasing the challenges faced by all who work with Florida family law.

Divorce studies and a flood of pro se litigants have driven Florida family courts to revise trial procedure and promote case management and settlement. Consequently, lawyers' courtroom skills are frequently lacking in the implementation of "trial as a last resort." And their existing settlement approaches are at times inadequate to meet court mandates.

Judge Renee Goldenberg, a master of systems organization and management, has written a procedural toolbook to address these challenges. Florida Family Law & Practice provides techniques, law, and forms to improve your effectiveness and efficiency in everything from client preparation through entry of evidence to closing argument.

The book is heavily annotated with over 3,000 case citations, dozens of practice tips and checklists, and over 200 forms. Taking a step-by-step approach, this complete practice and procedure guide walks you through:

•   Screening cases
•   Investigation
•   Emergencies
•   Discovery
•   Temporary relief
•   Property issues
•   Alimony
•   Child support
•   Attorneys' fees
•   Settlement
•   Trial

Table of Contents

Therapeutic Jurisprudence: New Roles for Lawyer, Judge and Client
Office Management and Case Preparation
Screening and Taking the Case
Presuit Investigation and Procedures
Family Law Proceedings and Grounds
Jurisdiction and Venue
Summons, Service of Process, and E-Mail Service
Pleadings and Mandatory Electronic Filing
Emergencies and Case Management Conference
Domestic Violence
Defaults and Uncontested Hearings
Discovery and Use of Expert
Temporary Relief
Parental Responsibility
Equitable Distribution and Property Issues
Alimony and Support
Attorneys' Fees and Costs
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Settlement
Trial and Evidence
Final Judgment; Rehearing; Motions Related to Judgment
Enforcement of Orders and Judgments
Paternity and Parenting by Unmarried Parents