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Florida Estates Practice Guide

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Florida Estates Practice Guide covers all aspects of estate practice in Florida, including will drafting, probate, will contests, trusts, estate administration, estate taxes, accountings, and more. The downloadable forms bring you essential and time-saving drafting capabilities. Inside you'll find:

• Preparation of all tax returns related to estate administration
• Basic estate planning considerations in Florida
• Accounting procedures
• Tax analyses, including a comprehensive examination of Florida and federal estate taxation, fiduciary income taxation, gift taxes, and the generation-skipping transfer tax
• Every form for estate practice, checklists and illustrative examples, including all new official forms
• Analysis of all significant court decisions
• Trust Administration Code, Guardianship and Probate Code Text, Transfers to Minors Act,Life Prolonging Procedure Act, and Deposition of Unclaimed Property Act text and analysis
• Rules of Probate and Guardianship Procedure updated with new provisions

First published in 1964.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Ch 1 Estate Planning Guide

Ch 2 Standard Wills

Ch 2a Codicils

Ch 2b Planning for Incapacity

Ch 3 Conditional Estates and Future Interests

Ch 4 Beneficiaries and Testator's Personal Instructions

Ch 5 Nomination of Personal Representative

Ch 5a Personal Representative's Commissions, Attorney's Fees and Compensation of Other Agents
for the Personal Representative

Ch 6 Powers of Appointment

Ch 7 Probate

Ch 8 Contesting Validity of Will

Ch 9 Temporary Administrators

Ch 10 Ancillary Proceedings

Ch 11 Family Administration, Summary Administration, and Disposition Without Administration

Volume 2

Ch 12 Care, Duties and Responsibilities of Personal Representatives

Ch 13 Management of Estate Assets

Ch 13a Sale of Estate Property

Ch 14 Homestead and Exempt Property

Ch 15 Claims Against the Estate (Post-2001)

Ch 15a Claims Against the Estate (Pre-2002)

Ch 16 Construction of Wills

Ch 17 Determination of Heirs and Devisees

Ch 18 Beneficiaries' Rights

Ch 19 Family Allowance and Spouse's Elective Share

Ch 20 Initial Procedures After Death

Ch 21 [Reserved]

Ch 22 Restrictions on Testamentary Disposition

Ch 23 Equitable Conversion

Ch 24 [Reserved]

Ch 25 Limitations Upon Testamentary Dispositions

Ch 26 Guardians

Ch 27 Testamentary Trusts

Ch 28 Accounting by Personal Representative

Ch 29 Closing of Decedents' Estates

Ch 30 Removal, Resignation, Death, or Incapacity of Personal Representative

Ch 31 [Reserved]

Ch 32 Proceedings After Discharge of Personal Representative

Ch 33 Administration of Estate of Person Presumed Dead

Ch 34 Contracts to Devise Property

Ch 35 Probate Proceedings In Case of Intestacy

Ch 36 Right to Property of an Intestate

Ch 37 Living Trusts

Ch 38 Torts Committed In Will Cases

Volume 3

Ch 39 Administration of Trust Estates

Ch 40 Federal Estate Tax

Ch 41 Marital Deduction Wills

Ch 42 Charitable Dispositions

Ch 43 Collecting Assets

Ch 44 Inventory and Appraisal

Ch 45 Florida Estate Tax and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

Ch 46 Income Tax Returns for the Decedent and the Estate

Ch 47 Discharge of Personal Representative

Volume 4

Florida Administrative Code

Appendix I: Florida Probate and Related Code

Appendix II: Sample FLSSI Probate Forms

Appendix III: Sample FLSSI Guardianship Forms