Florida Civil Trial Practice

A practitioner's guide to litigating civil cases in Florida, this volume gives practical advice and information for each stage of the trial process.

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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781522177012
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781522177029
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781522177029
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This is the best place to begin your research or refresh your knowledge of trial practice, from the decision whether to seek jury trial, to orders and judgments. Successfully combining practical and reference information, this manual picks up where Florida Civil Practice Before Trial leaves off.

Experienced litigators share their knowledge and provide:

  • Practical advice on making successful opening and closing statements
  • Information on compelling attendance of, and examining, witnesses
  • Tips on jury selection
  • Guidance on getting evidence admitted
  • Requirements for motions, orders, and judgments
  • Numerous helpful forms and checklists

Highlights of the new Twelfth Edition:

  • Discussion regarding the procedure of bifurcation.
  • Discussion of researching jurors and rehabilitating prospective jurors.
  • Discussion of Florida Supreme Courts decision regarding F.S. 90.702 and 90.704 (Daubert versus Frye).
  • Discussion regarding taxing appellate costs.
  • Updating and discussions of statute references.
  • Highlighting or discussion of recent and current case opinions.

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Table of contents

 Chapter 1  The Trial Lawyer 
Wendy B. Accardi

Chapter 2  The Trial Court
Hon. Stephen Scott Stephens

Chapter 3  Trial By Court Or By Jury
Michael Fox Orr and Miguel J. Chamorro

Chapter 4  Trial Notebook
Lindsey Patrick Lopez

Chapter 5  Compelling Attendance of Witnesses And Production Of Evidence
Gregory P. Borgognoni

Chapter 6  Making A Proper Record
Joel D. Eaton

Chapter 7  Jury Selection, Jury Concealment Or Nondisclosure, And Juror

Ralph Artigliere and Robert W. Kelley

Chapter 8  Opening Statement
Hon. Mark W. Klingensmith

Chapter 9  Exclusion of Witnesses And Limitations On Testimony
Steven A. Fox

Chapter 10  Direct Examination
Gregory P. Brown and Erik P. Raines

Chapter 11  Cross-Examination
Edward M. Mullins

Chapter 12  Expert Witnesses
John F. Eversole III

Chapter 13  Documentary Evidence
Ralph Artigliere

Chapter 14  Demonstrative Evidence
Ervin A. Gonzalez

Chapter 15  Motions
Daniel K. Bean and Jennifer L. Kifer

Chapter 16  Summation
Greg Hoag and Weston Smith

Chapter 17  Jury Instructions And Verdicts
Ralph Artigliere and Adam Artigliere

Chapter 18  Posttrial Motions
Andrew Needle

Chapter 19  Costs, Fees, And Interest
W. Hampton Keen

Chapter 20  Orders And Judgments
Michael W. Marcil and Jennifer Nicole