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Florida Causes of Action

Elements for over 100 causes of action, complete with differences by District Court of Appeal, defenses, issues, and references to other texts.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Florida Causes of Action

No longer will you have to sift through opinion after opinion to find one that recites all the elements of a cause of action. Marc A. Wites' Florida Causes of Action delivers elements for over 90 causes of action, complete with circuit variations, district-specific authorities, defenses, issues, references to other texts, and sample pleading language. Each item is supported by case and statutory citations and explanations.

This useful resource will help you:

•   Draft complaints
•   Explore alternative causes of action
•   Respond to pleadings
•   Conduct discovery
•   Marshal evidence
•   Prepare jury instructions
•   Write appellant briefs

Topics covered include:

•   Negligence
•   Physical torts
•   Procedural torts
•   Fraud and negligent misrepresentation
•   Business
•   Contracts
•   Defamation and privacy
•   Real property and construction

Table of Contents

Pleading in Florida
Negligence Cases
Contract Cases
Business and Commercial Cases
Warranty Cases
Indemnity Actions
Employment Cases
Defamation and Privacy
Intentional Torts
Procedural Torts
Physical Torts
Real Property Actions
Construction Cases
Lien Cases
Consumer Protection, Debt Collection Cases
Procedural Remedies
Legal Theories and Defenses
Trusts and Estates