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Print Book :1 Volume Hardbound, 874 pages
10th Edition
ISBN: 9781522123552
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781522123569
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781522123569
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The new Tenth Edition is the go-to source that addresses practical issues about appellate practice in Florida. Turn to this manual for guidance on filing a notice of appeal, determining which orders are appealable, preparing motions, and many other essential practice concerns. The manual covers civil, criminal, administrative, and juvenile delinquency appeals.

Highlights of the Tenth Edition include:

  • Intro note from Chief Justice Labarga
  • Updates of rules of court procedure, particularly regarding technology and filing, and Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, particularly regarding ethics
  • Practical updates of specific district courts of appeal clerical procedure
  • Extensive update and rewrite regarding administrative law appeals
  • Thorough update of case law throughout
  • Explanations of attorneys’ fees and costs in different types of appeals
  • Explanations of possible consequences for attorney’s actions or lack of timely actions in appellate courts

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


1.  Effective Appellate Advocacy
       The Honorable Jorge Labarga

2.  Professional Responsibility Of Appellate Advocates
       Raymond T. Elligett, Jr.

3.  Jurisdiction And Review
       Craig J. Trocino

4.  Supreme Court Procedures And Practices
       Steven L. Brannock and Sarah Pellenbarg

5.  Internal Organization Of The District Courts Of Appeal
       Jon S. Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth Kuenzel, Mary Cay Blanks,
       Lonn Weissblum and Joanne P. Simmons

6.  Appellate Standards Of Review
       Harvey J. Sepler

7.  Civil Appeals
       Siobhan Helene Shea

8.  Administrative Appeals
       Stephen C. Emmanuel

9.  Criminal Appeals And Juvenile Delinquency Appeals
       Michael Ufferman and Glen P. Gifford

10.  Overview Of Extraordinary Writs
       Siobhan Helene Shea

11.  Writ Of Certiorari In Florida
       Valeria Hendricks

12.  Mandamus
       Angela C. Flowers

13.  Prohibition
       Tracy Raffles Gunn

14.  Quo Warranto
       Nancy Wear

15.  Habeas Corpus
       Stuart C. Markman and Katherine Earle Yanes

16.  Orders Subject To Review
       Matthew J. Conigliaro

17.  Stays
       Julissa Rodriguez, Stephanie L. Varela, Jay A. Yagoda and Nancy Wear

18.  The Record On Appeal
       John G. Crabtree and Nancy Wear

19.  Preparation Of Briefs
       Dorothy F. Easley

20.  Amicus Briefs
       Dorothy F. Easley

21.  Attorneys' Fees
       Tracy Raffles Gunn

22.  Motion Practice
       Valeria Hendricks and Jay Walter Thomas

23.  Oral Argument
       The Honorable Steven D. Merryday

24.  Disposition Of Case After Appeal
       Susan W. Fox

Florida Statutes

Florida Constitution
Laws of Florida
Florida Administrative Code
Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure
Florida Probate Rules
Florida Rules Of Appellate Procedure
Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure
Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure — Sexually Violent Predators
Florida Rules Of Criminal Procedure
Florida Rules Of Judicial Administration
Florida Rules Of Juvenile Procedure
Florida Rules Of Traffic Court
Florida Small Claims Rules
Rules Regulating the Florida Bar
Florida Ethics Opinions
United States Constitution
United States Code
Federal Rules Of Appellate Procedure
Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules Of Bankruptcy Procedure
Florida Supreme Court Rules