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9th Edition
ISBN: 9781630439927
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9th Edition
ISBN: 9781630439934
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9th Edition
ISBN: 9781630439934
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The new Ninth Edition is the go to source that addresses practical issues about appellate practice in Florida. Turn to this manual for guidance on filing a notice of appeal, determining which orders are appealable, preparing motions, and many other essential practice concerns. The manual covers civil, criminal, administrative, and juvenile delinquency appeals. Highlights of the Ninth Edition include:

•  Introduction by Chief Justice Polston
•  Discussion of updated e-filing rules and requirements
•  References to recently updated Florida Supreme Court Internal Operating Procedures
•  Chapters devoted to civil, criminal, and administrative appeals
•  Updated case law and rule references
•  Sample forms

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Effective Appellate Advocacy

Professional Responsibility Of Appellate Advocates

Jurisdiction And Review

Supreme Court Procedures And Practices

Internal Organization Of The District Courts Of Appeal

Appellate Standards Of Review

Civil Appeals

Administrative Appeals

Criminal Appeals And Juvenile Delinquency Appeals

Overview Of Extraordinary Writs

Writ Of Certiorari In Florida



Quo Warranto

Habeas Corpus

Orders Subject To Review


The Record On Appeal

Preparation Of Briefs

Amicus Briefs

Attorneys' Fees

Motion Practice

Oral Argument

Disposition Of Case After Appeal