Florida and Federal Pharmacy Laws and Rules

The comprehensive legal reference no Florida pharmacy, pharmacist, or technician should be without!

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2022-2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663348753
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2022-2023 Edition
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A comprehensive guide to all the State and Federal laws that affect Florida pharmacies on a daily basis, Florida and Federal Pharmacy Laws and Regulations is a trusted and indispensable resource for Florida pharmacy professionals. Compiled by our team of expert editors and staff attorneys at LexisNexis, this convenient and sturdy softbound volume contains all the information you need to make sure you comply with the rule in the Florida Administrative Code requiring all Florida pharmacies to keep a current copy of the laws and rules governing the practice of pharmacy in the State of Florida. This book is updated annually to ensure that your pharmacy is in compliance with this legal requirement at all times.

You'll find coverage of all relevant sections from The Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, the United States Code as well as the Code of Federal Regulations. Finally, for your convenience, the book also includes the entire text of the DEA's Pharmacist's Manual.

Whether you are a pharmacy technician purchasing a single copy or the manager of a chain of pharmacies purchasing in volume, Florida and Federal Pharmacy Laws and Regulations is the resource you need at a price you can afford.

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Table of contents

Florida Statutes
Title XXXII. Regulation of Professions and Occupations
Chapter 456. Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions, 456.001 to 456.006, 456.008 to 456.012, 456.0135, 456.014, 456.016 to 456.028, 456.033, 456.035 to 456.037, 456.038, 456.0392, 456.053, 456.056, 456.057, 456.058, 456.062 to 456.081, 456.36, 456.42 to 456.44
Chapter 465. Pharmacy, 465.001 to 465.1901
Title XXXIII. Regulation of Trade, Commerce, Investments, and Solicitations.
Chapter 499. Drug, Cosmetic, and Household Products
Part I. Drugs; Devices; Cosmetics; Household Products, 499.01 to 499.081
Part II. Ether, 499.601 to 499.79
Part III. Medical Gas, 499.81 to 499.94
Title XLVI. Crimes
Chapter 790. Weapons and Firearms, 790.145
Chapter 828. Animals: Cruelty; Sales; Animal Enterprise Protection, 828.055
Chapter 859. Poisons; Adulterated Drugs, 859.08
Chapter 893. Drug Abuse Prevention and Control, 893.01 to 893.30

United States Code
Title 21. Food and Drugs
Chapter 9. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 353a
Chapter 13. Drug Abuse Prevention and Control, 801 to 904

Code of Federal Regulations
Title 16. Commercial Practices
Chapter II. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Subchapter E. Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 Regulations
Part 1700. Poison Prevention Packaging, 1700.1 to 1700.20
Title 21. Food and Drugs
Chapter I. Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services
Subchapter C. Drugs: General
Part 205. Guidelines for State Licensing of Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributors, 205.1 to 205.50
Part 209. Requirement for Authorized Dispensers and Pharmacies to Distribute a Side Effects Statement, 209.1 to 209.11
Part 216. Pharmacy Compounding, 216.23, 216.24
Chapter II. Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice
Part 1300. Definitions, 1300.01 to 1300.05
Part 1302. Labeling and Packaging Requirements for Controlled Substances, 1302.01 to 1302.07
Part 1304. Records and Reports of Registrants, 1304.01 to 1304.55
Part 1305. Orders for Schedule I and II Controlled Substances, 1305.01 to 1305.29
Part 1306. Prescriptions, 1306.01 to 1306.27
Part 1308. Schedules of Controlled Substances, 1308.01 to 1308.49
Part 1311. Requirements for Electronic Orders and Prescriptions, 1311.01 to 1311.305
Part 1316. Administrative Functions, Practices, and Procedures, 1316.01 to 1316.99
Part 1317. Disposal, 1317.01 to 1317.95
Part 1321. DEA Mailing Addresses, 1321.01

DEA Pharmacist's Manual