Florida Affirmative Defenses and Procedural Objections with Forms

By Joshua Spector, Paul Turner
Publisher: ALM

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781588525420

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781588525475
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Florida Affirmative Defenses and Procedural Objections with Forms guides lawyers on evaluating, selecting, pleading, and contending with affirmative defenses and procedural objections in Florida state civil cases. The book surveys nearly 90 affirmative defenses and all of the Rule 1.140(b), Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, motions, along with other defensive motions and procedural objections. Discussion of the defenses include information on elements, notable authority, jury instructions, and more.

The book provides useful forms for each affirmative defense and the motions and pleadings discussed. These forms are also available online, ready for editing to suit the unique facts and circumstances of each case.

The new edition builds on earlier editions, adding affirmative defenses and case authority and several new forms. With considerably more authority, more in-depth analysis, and even a few graphics, we hope you will find this update valuable to your practice.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Foundations for Legal and Affirmative Defenses
Chapter 2: Pleading and Proving Affirmative Defenses
Chapter 3: Rule 1.140(b) Legal Defenses and Objections
Chapter 4: Motions Useful to the Defense
Chapter 5: Reply Pleading
Chapter 6: Affirmative Defenses
Chapter 6 Appendix: Claims and Defenses Checklist
Table of Cases
Index .