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This newest edition of the Federal Litigation Guide covers federal civil procedure, case law and evidentiary issues from the filing of the complaint through trial and appeal. Updated content includes the restyled and simplified Fed. R. Evid., fully updated Fed. R. Civ. P. Official Forms, and recent case law developments that affect some of the most critical issues handled by federal litigators, including stream of commerce analyses, determination of jurisdiction and class certification. Emphasis on practice-oriented information in a convenient outline format makes information easily accessible, and the "voice of experience" of highly qualified attorney authors overseen by Jenner & Block, LLC, Chicago, helps you practice with confidence in every case. In-depth coverage discusses the practical, strategic aspects of federal court litigation and helps you plan how to proceed throughout a federal case and how to use the federal rules and statutes to your best advantage.

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Pleadings

CHAPTER 2 The Mechanics of Motion Practice

Appendix 2: Appendix to Chapter 2

CHAPTER 3 Rule 12 Motions

CHAPTER 4 Motions as to the Parties

CHAPTER 5 Motions for Summary Judgment

CHAPTER 6 Voluntary Dismissals and Dismissals for Failure to Prosecute

CHAPTER 7 Injunctions

CHAPTER 8 Provisional Remedies

CHAPTER 8A Sanctions

CHAPTER 8B Electronic Case Filing

CHAPTER 9 The Purposes of Discovery

CHAPTER 10 Planning and Preparation for Discovery

CHAPTER 11 Discovery and Interim Injunctive Relief

CHAPTER 12 Interrogatories

CHAPTER 13 Production of Documents

CHAPTER 14 Responding to Document Requests

CHAPTER 15 Management of Documents

CHAPTER 16 Preparation for Depositions

CHAPTER 17 Taking Depositions

Appendix 17: Appendix to Chapter 17

CHAPTER 18 Defense of Depositions

CHAPTER 19 Requests to Admit

CHAPTER 20 Inspection of Land and Other Tangibles

CHAPTER 21 Physical and Mental Examinations

CHAPTER 22 Enforcement of Discovery

CHAPTER 23 Discovery of Experts

Appendix 23: Appendix to Chapter 23

CHAPTER 24 Discovery of Computer-Based Information

CHAPTER 25 Trial Planning and Preparation

CHAPTER 26 Conduct and Demeanor of Attorneys

CHAPTER 27 The Pretrial Conference

CHAPTER 28 Consolidation and Separate Trials

CHAPTER 29 Trial Briefs

Appendix 29: Appendix to Chapter 29

CHAPTER 30 Juries

CHAPTER 31 Exclusion of Witnesses

CHAPTER 32 Opening Statement

CHAPTER 33 Direct Examination

CHAPTER 34 Exhibits

CHAPTER 35 Cross-Examination

CHAPTER 36 Closing Argument

CHAPTER 37 Objections

CHAPTER 38 Dispositive Trial Motions

CHAPTER 39 Jury Instructions

CHAPTER 40 Verdicts and Jury Deliberations

CHAPTER 41 Bench Trials

CHAPTER 42 Class Actions

CHAPTER 43 Damages

CHAPTER 44 Findings and Judgments

CHAPTER 45 Post-Trial Motions: Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter
of Law and Motion for a New Trial

CHAPTER 46 Relief From Judgment

CHAPTER 47 Costs

CHAPTER 48 Appeals to Court of Appeals

CHAPTER 49 Settlements

CHAPTER 50 Court-Sponsored Alternative Dispute Resolution