Federal Litigation Guide: New York and Connecticut

Federal Litigation Guide: New York and Connecticut, a three volume set, provides full coverage of civil litigation practice and procedure, from the filing of the lawsuit through judgment with emphasis on pretrial procedure.

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Print Book:3 volumes, looseleaf
ISBN: 9780820539256
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ISBN: 9781579111472
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Federal Litigation Guide: New York and Connecticut, a three-volume set, provides full coverage of civil litigation practice and procedure, from the filing of the lawsuit through judgment with emphasis on pretrial procedure, and includes:

  • Local Practice Coverage--ensures that the federal practitioner in New York or Connecticut is in compliance with all the local procedural rules of the court in which a case is pending; provides specific, complete analysis of the local rules of the federal district courts in New York and Connecticut
  • Easily Accessible Text--allows you to quickly find the information of specific subjects through either the chapter synopsis or the index; chapters are logically divided into frequent descriptive subtopic headings
  • Strategic Overviews--provide important background on how the particular proceeding or motion fits into the overall goal of the litigation; highlight key considerations that the practitioner should keep in mind regarding the subject of that chapter
  • Checklists--ensure that no important considerations, requirements or procedural steps for each aspect of the litigation are overlooked; cross-referenced to the text (for further discussion) and to the applicable forms
  • Forms--save hours of document drafting time by providing a handy starting point for creating litigation documents; each form is tailored to the format and content requirements of the district courts in New York and Connecticut, and is accompanied by explanatory comments, cross referenced to discussion in the text, and citations to the relevant Federal and local procedural rules
  • Quick References--save time by guiding you to related forms, checklists and other sources for additional research, such as Moore's Federal Practice, 3d Edition from Matthew Bender

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Planning for Civil Litigation in Federal Court 
CHAPTER 2 Formatting, Serving, and Filing Papers
CHAPTER 3 Choosing Appropriate Forum: Jurisdiction and Venue
CHAPTER 4 Removing a State Court Case to Federal Court
CHAPTER 5 Determining Parties to the Action
CHAPTER 6 Drafting the Summons and Complaint
CHAPTER 7 Commencing and Defending a Class Action
CHAPTER 8 Serving Process
CHAPTER 9 Bringing Motions in Federal Court
CHAPTER 10 Raising Defenses and Objections
CHAPTER 11 Drafting Counterclaims, Cross-Claims, and Replies
CHAPTER 12 Demanding a Jury or Advisory Jury
CHAPTER 13 Commencing a Third-Party Action (Impleader)
CHAPTER 14 Obtaining or Setting Aside a Default Judgment
CHAPTER 15 Amending and Supplementing Pleadings
CHAPTER 16 Adding, Dropping, and Substituting Parties
CHAPTER 17 Moving for Consolidation or Separate Trials
CHAPTER 18 Moving to Intervene
CHAPTER 19 Effectively Using Pretrial Conferences
CHAPTER 20 Participating in Court Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution
CHAPTER 21 Settling and Dismissing Claims
CHAPTER 22 Seizing Property Prior to Judgment
CHAPTER 23 Seeking Injunctive Relief
CHAPTER 24 Proceeding Against Surety When Party Has Given Security
CHAPTER 25 Appointing a Receiver
CHAPTER 26 Depositing Money or Property Into Court
CHAPTER 27 Regulating Discovery Procedure by Stipulation or Motion
CHAPTER 28 Complying With Rule 26(a) Disclosure Requirements and Initial Discovery Obligations
CHAPTER 29 Requesting Deposition or Other Discovery Before Action
CHAPTER 30 Propounding Interrogatories
CHAPTER 31 Requesting Production and Inspection
CHAPTER 32 Requesting Oral Depositions
CHAPTER 33 Requesting and Responding to Request for Deposition Upon Written Questions
CHAPTER 34 Requesting Physical and Mental Examinations
CHAPTER 35 Making Requests for Admission
CHAPTER 36 Seeking Discovery of Nonparties
CHAPTER 37 Asserting Privileges and Qualifications
CHAPTER 38 Seeking a Protective Order
CHAPTER 39 Enforcing Discovery Obligations
CHAPTER 40 Supplementing Disclosures and Discovery Responses
CHAPTER 41 Moving for Summary Judgment
CHAPTER 42 Seeking Sanctions or Contempt
CHAPTER 43 Claiming Costs and Attorney's Fees
CHAPTER 44 Entering Judgment
CHAPTER 45 Altering or Amending the Judgment
CHAPTER 46 Seeking Relief From Judgment or Order
CHAPTER 47 Objecting to Magistrate Judge's Recommendation or Order
CHAPTER 48 Enforcing Judgments
CHAPTER 49 Seeking a New Trial
CHAPTER 50 Attorney Withdrawal, Disqualification, and Admission Pro Hac Vice