Federal Criminal Practice: A Second Circuit Handbook

Concise and thorough reference to the rulings that shape Second Circuit criminal practice.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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18th Edition
ISBN: 9781522151111
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A thorough reference tailored to the needs of busy criminal law practitioners, Federal Criminal Practice: A Second Circuit Handbook identifies the rulings that shape any given aspect of Second Circuit criminal practice. This one-volume annual is broad enough to provide an excellent introduction for the newcomer, yet detailed enough to become a trusted resource to veteran practitioners. 51 major topics are surveyed in the context of decisions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, including:

•   Discovery
•   Immunity
•   Indictments
•   Jury Instructions
•   Pretrial Matters
•   Search and Seizure
•   Habeas Corpus

Analyze and prepare for every phase of your federal criminal case, guided by a federal district judge, a federal prosecutor, and a defense attorney with extensive, in-the-trenches criminal litigation experience within the Second Circuit.

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Appeals

Ch. 2 Arraignment

Ch. 3 Arrest

Ch. 4 Bail

Ch. 5 Collateral Estoppel

Ch. 6 Competency Determinations

Ch. 7 Confessions

Ch. 8 Conflicts of Interest

Ch. 9 Confrontation

Ch. 10 Contempt

Ch. 11 Continuance

Ch. 12 Counsel (Defense Attorneys)


Ch. 14 Discovery

Ch. 15 Double Jeopardy

Ch. 16 Electronic Surveillance

Ch. 17 Exclusionary Rule

Ch. 18 Exculpatory Evidence

Ch. 19 Ex Post Facto Violations

Ch. 20 Grand Jury

Ch. 21 Guilty Pleas

Ch. 22 Habeas Corpus

Ch. 23 Identification Procedures

Ch. 24 Immunity

Ch. 25 Indictments

Ch. 26 Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Ch. 27 Joinder and Severance

Ch. 28 Judges

Ch. 29 Judgment of Acquittal Motions (Rule 29 Motions)

Ch. 30 Jurors

Ch. 31 Jury Instructions

Ch. 32 Jury Selection

Ch. 32A Juveniles

Ch. 33 New Trial Motions

Ch. 34 Plea Agreements

Ch. 35 Pretrial Matters

Ch. 36 Probable Cause

Ch. 37 Prosecutors

Ch. 38 Prosecutorial Misconduct

Ch. 39 Public Trial

Ch. 40 Search and Seizure

Ch. 41 Self-Representation (Pro Se Defendants)

Ch. 42 Sentencing

Ch. 43 Speedy Trial

Ch. 43A Statutes of Limitations

Ch. 44 Stop and Frisk (Terry Stops)

Ch. 45 Subpoenas (Compulsory Process)

Ch. 46 Sufficiency of the Evidence

Ch. 47 Summations (Closing Arguments)

Ch. 48 Venue

Ch. 49 Verdicts

Ch. 50 Victims

Ch. 51 Warrants

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes

Table of Rules