Fader's Maryland Family Law

Fader’s Maryland Family Law provides complete coverage of family law issues, domestic violence, and Maryland family court process for the family law attorney.
Publisher: Michie

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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522118251
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6th Edition
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6th Edition
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Maryland Family Law, the preeminent treatise on matrimonial law in the state, has been revised, renamed and substantially re-organized. Now entitled Fader's Maryland Family Law in honor of founding author Honorable John F. Fader II (retired), it includes full analysis of Maryland law regarding divorce, custody, support, agreements, attorney's fees, and property distribution, as well as domestic violence and the Maryland family court process.

This useful text not only explains the law, but also explains how the law came to be, the policy considerations behind specific enactments and case law, and the problem areas in implementation of the law. Helpful tips are also provided for the practitioner. Whether you are a general practitioner or a family law attorney, this resource provides the information and analysis you need.

Highlights of the Sixth Edition include:
•  A chapter on the rights of Unmarried Cohabitants
•  Revised chapters on Custody, UCCJEA and UIFSA, Parentage, and Domestic Violence
•  Extensive citation to up-to-date resources, not only case law, but also treatises and research from around the United States
•  A chapter on Practice and Procedure, with definitions of commonly used terms in family law matters, including religious customs and law regarding marriage and divorce

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 The Family Division

Ch. 2 Historical Background and Equity Jurisdiction

Ch. 3 Marriage and Annulment

Ch. 4 Divorce

Ch. 5 Children, Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time

Ch. 6 Income and Support of Children

Ch. 7 Representing Children

Ch. 8 Uniform Acts

Ch. 9 Who is a Parent?

Ch. 10 Domestic Violence

Ch. 11 Enforcement Issues

Ch. 12 Alimony

Ch. 13 Property Distribution

Ch. 14 Agreements

Ch. 15 Attorney Fees and Expenses

Ch. 16 The Magistrate System

Ch. 17 Contribution

Ch. 18 Rights of Unmarried Cohabitants

Ch. 19 A to Z

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes