European Competition Laws

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“Much has been written about the potential demise of EU competition law enforcement since the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty.  However, those fears are unjustified, especially given the fact the EU stands stronger and is now larger with its 28 Member States.  Admittedly, the Lisbon Treaty does not contain the language of former Article 3(1)(g) of the EC Treaty, which provided as a goal of the Community, “a system ensuring that competition in the internal market is not distorted.”  But in the place of this language, the Lisbon Treaty includes a legally binding protocol confirming that the internal market, which remains a priority of the Lisbon Treaty, includes a system ensuring that competition is not distorted.

Convergence between EU and national governments on competition law and enforcement policies may be taking a step back, as far as the Commission is concerned. In its unique way, ECL continues to reflect the areas of convergence and divergence that emerge going forward.”  ECL provides a fast, easy way to understand and evaluate the competition laws of the 28 Member States. 

Topics addressed include:

  • Authoritative, comprehensive analysis of the competition laws of the European Union and its Member States

  • Practice-oriented, state-specific guidance from leading practitioners in their Member States

  • Practice-oriented guidance on all phases of investigation, systems of notification, appeals and potential penalties

  • Detailed coverage of horizontal and vertical commercial agreements, cartels, joint ventures, intellectual property licensing, abuse of dominant position and merger control

  • Profiles of cooperation among competition authorities

With the ECL treatise, readers will be able to analyze systematically the benefits and risks of filing (or defending) antitrust complaints under Article 101 or 102, or national competition rules, throughout the 28 Member States.


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Table of Contents

European Competition Laws
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 European Union
Chapter 2 Austria
Chapter 3 Belgium
Chapter 3A Bulgaria
Chapter 3B Croatia
Chapter 3C Cyprus
Chapter 3D Czech Republic
Chapter 4 Denmark
Chapter 4A Estonia
Chapter 5 Finland
Chapter 6 France
Chapter 7 Germany
Chapter 8 Greece
Chapter 8A Hungary
Chapter 9 Ireland
Chapter 10 Italy
Chapter 10A Latvia
Chapter 10B Lithuania
Chapter 11 Luxembourg
Chapter 11A Malta
Chapter 12 Netherlands
Chapter 12A Poland
Chapter 13 Portugal
Chapter 13A Romania
Chapter 13B Slovak Republic
Chapter 13C Slovenia
Chapter 14 Spain
Chapter 15 Sweden
Chapter 16 Reserved
Chapter 17 United Kingdom