Estate Planning Forms and Clauses

A comprehensive compilation of forms and clauses encompassing all aspects of estate planning, with special attention to tax considerations.

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Anderson's Estate Planning Forms and Clauses presents a comprehensive compilation of forms and clauses encompassing not only wills and trusts but all aspects of estate planning, with special attention to tax considerations and consequences.

Anderson's Estate Planning Forms and Clauses contains an expanded selection of essential will and trust forms and clauses, including detailed clauses specifying investment, business management, and other administrative powers of the executor or trustee. It also includes a comprehensive collection of forms and clauses relating to living wills and advance health care directives.

Forms and clauses of particular interest to practitioners include-:

• Charitable lead trusts

• Charitable remainder annuity trusts

• Charitable remainder unitrusts

• Credit shelter trusts

• Wide open trusts

• Grantor retained annuity trust

• Grantor retained interest trust

• Grantor retained unitrust

• Comprehensive ADR clause

• Limited liability company

• Limited partnership

• Springing power of attorney

• Federal estate tax apportionment

• Irrevocable trust for minor satisfying IRC § 2503(c)

The forms and clauses in this edition have been supplied by some of the most eminent estate planning practitioners in the country, including Edward B. Benjamin, Jr., Dennis I. Belcher, Jerold I. Horn, Hugh F. Kendall, Frederick R. Keydel, Donald D. Kozusko, Louis A. Mezzullo, Conrad L. Moore, Sandford J. Schlesinger, and Robert C. Vaughn, Jr.

The 2023 edition ISBN is 9781663366016.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Acknowledgment of Sources
Chapter 3: Whole Will Forms
Chapter 4: Inter Vivos Trust Forms
Chapter 5: Acceptance of Will by Spouse
Chapter 6: Acknowledgment
Chapter 7: Administrative Powers of Executor and Trustee
Chapter 8: Afterborn or After-adopted Children; Surrogacy
Chapter 9: Anatomical Gift
Chapter 10: Ancillary Administration
Chapter 11: Ancillary Executors and Trustees
Chapter 12: Annuity
Chapter 13: Attestation
Chapter 14: Bequest
Chapter 15: Bond
Chapter 16: Captions and Descriptive Word Headings
Chapter 17: Charity
Chapter 18: Class Gifts and Nonapplicability of Antilapse Statute
Chapter 19: Community Property
Chapter 20: Conflict of Interest
Chapter 21: Conflict of Laws
Chapter 22: Consolidation of Trusts
Chapter 23: Contractual Wills
Chapter 24: Cooperative Apartment
Chapter 25: Debt
Chapter 26A: Decanting
Chapter 26B: Definitions
Chapter 27: Delegation of Powers
Chapter 28: Disclaimer
Chapter 29: Discretionary Trust
Chapter 30: Divorce
Chapter 31: Elective Share
Chapter 32: Environmental Law Compliance
Chapter 33: Executor and Trustee Appointment
Chapter 34: Exoneration of Third Party
Chapter 35: Exoneration of Trustee
Chapter 36: Exordium
Chapter 37: Expenses
Chapter 38: Failure of Issue
Chapter 39: Fees
Chapter 40: First Refusal
Chapter 41: [Reserved]
Chapter 42: Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT) Clauses
Chapter 43: Guardian
Chapter 44: Homestead
Chapter 45: Household Effects
Chapter 46: In Terrorem Clause and Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Chapter 47: Income Interest
Chapter 48: Incompetent Person or Minor
Chapter 49: Incorporation by Reference
Chapter 50: Investments
Chapter 51: Legacy
Chapter 52: Life Estate and Remainder in Real Property
Chapter 53: Life Insurance and Other Death and Disability Benefits
Chapter 54: Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, and Medical Directives
Chapter 55: Marital Deduction
Chapter 56: Minors
Chapter 57A: Omitted Spouse
Chapter 57B: Partnership and Other Business Agreements
Chapter 58: Percentage Payment
Chapter 59: Personal Property
Chapter 60: Pour-over and Pour-backs
Chapter 61: Powers of Appointment
Chapter 62: Powers of Attorney
Chapter 63: Premarital Agreements
Chapter 64: Principal and Income
Chapter 65: Probate Court
Chapter 66: Qualified Interest Property—I.R.C. § 2032A
Chapter 67: Qualified Retirement Plans and IRAs
Chapter 68: Removal of Trustee
Chapter 69: Residence
Chapter 70: Residuary Estate
Chapter 71: Resignation of Executor or Trustee
Chapter 72: Rule Against Accumulations
Chapter 73: Satisfaction of Legacies
Chapter 74: Severability
Chapter 75: Shares of Estate or Trust and Their Administration
Chapter 76A: Special Needs
Chapter 76B: Spendthrift and Protective Trust Clauses
Chapter 77: Sprinkle Trust
Chapter 78: Subchapter S Stock Held in Trust
Chapter 79: Successor Trustees
Chapter 80: Survivorship Clauses
Chapter 81: Taxes
Chapter 82: Technical Material, Exhibits, and Appendices
Chapter 83: Termination, Amendment, Revocation and Severance of Trusts
Chapter 84: Testimonium
Chapter 85: Trust Advisors and Other Special Fiduciaries: Appointment and Replacement
Chapter 86: Trust Records and Accounts
Chapter 87: Withdrawal Rights