Entertainment Industry Contracts

Matthew Bender Entertainment Law Contracts is an authoritative negotiating and drafting guide for entertainment industry contracts.

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Print Book:10 volumes, looseleaf, updated with revisions
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Product description

Entertainment Industry Contracts is an authoritative form book that is your negotiating and drafting guide for contracts in the major areas of the entertainment industry, including entertainment software, all backed by expert knowledge.

• Each area was written by one or more experts in the field, using forms and giving commentary based on their practice of law in the area
• "State-of-the-Art" forms in a unique format: Contract clauses (and alternative clauses) are in the left-hand column of the page, while the instructions on filling out the clauses and advice on negotiating the proper terms for your client are in the right-hand column of the page
• Contains contract clauses that conform to the requirements of the Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 and to U.S. Supreme Court decisions on work for hire and renewal of copyright
• Complete, workable entertainment contracts in every major area of entertainment law--over 300 contracts in all
• Table of Contract Clauses and Table of Forms by Party allows quick access to any clause in any part of the five volumes

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Table of contents

PART I Motion Pictures  
A Acquisition And Sale Of Rights
Chapter 1 Introduction To Motion Picture Contracts
Internet Commerce Contract
Chapter 2 Introduction To Acquisition And Sale Of Rights
Chapter 3 Options
Chapter 4 Acquisition Of Literary Materials
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Agreements Relating To The Acquisition And Sale Of Rights
B Employment
Chapter 6 Introduction To Employment Agreements
Chapter 7 Loan-Out Arrangements
Chapter 8 Writer Employment
Chapter 9 Producer Agreements
Chapter 10 Director Employment
Chapter 11 Performer Employment
Chapter 11a Representing Talent
Chapter 12 Consultant Employment
Chapter 12a Employment Of "Below-The-Line" Personnel
C Production And Financing
Chapter 12b Use Of Production Sites, Props, Material And Equipment
Chapter 12c Employment Of A Payroll Service
Chapter 13 Production Financing Agreements--Initial Steps
Chapter 14 Joint Venture
Chapter 15 Production--Financing--Distribution
Chapter 16 Investor Financing
Chapter 16a The Completion Guarantee
Chapter 17 Acquisition And Distribution
D Merchandising
Chapter 18 Merchandising
E Licensing And Distribution
Chapter 19 Introduction To Licensing And Distribution
Chapter 20 Film Distribution
Chapter 21 Non-Theatrical Distribution
Chapter 22 Network Television Film License
Chapter 23 Pay Television
Chapter 24 Syndicated Television
Chapter 25 Home Videogram: Cassette And Discs
Chapter 26 Foreign Distribution
Chapter 27 Negative Pickup Distribution
F Profit Participation: Terms
Chapter 28 Profit Definitions And Profit Participation
G Laboratory Agreements
Chapter 29 Laboratory Agreements
Chapter 30 [Reserved]
H The Lawyer And The Movie Industry Client
Chapter 31 Advice On Determining Legal Fees In The Motion Picture Industry
Chapters 32-39 [Reserved]

PART II Book Publishing
Book Publishing
Chapter 40 Introduction To Book Publishing Contracts
Chapter 40a Author-Agent Contract
A Standard Author-Publisher Contracts
Chapter 41 Trade Books
Chapter 42 Professional Books
Chapter 43 Publisher And Distributor
Chapter 44 Publisher And Packager
Chapter 45 Hard-Cover/Soft-Cover Reprint Contract
Chapter 45a Electronic Publishing
Chapter 45b Translation Contracts
Chapter 46 British Commonwealth Contracts
Chapter 47 Foreign Publishers
Chapter 48 The Subsidy Press
Chapter 49 Termination Contract--Author And Publisher
B Collaborative Arrangements
Chapter 50 The Ghost Writer
Chapter 51 Subject And Collaborator
Chapter 52 Author And Contributor
C Permissions And Licenses
Chapter 53 Releases, Consents, Permissions And Assignment Forms
Chapter 54 License To Record Literary Work
Chapter 55 Book Clubs
Chapter 56 Hard-Cover Reprint
Chapter 57 First Serial Rights
D The Lawyer And The Publishing Industry Client
Chapter 58 Advice On Determining Legal Fees For Representing Clients In The Book Publishing Industry
E Tax And Estate Planning
Chapter 59 Tax And Estate Planning For Authors

PART III Television
Chapter 60 Introduction To Television Contracts
A Acquisition Of Rights
Chapter 61 Rights Acquisitions
Chapter 62 Literary Rights--Option And Purchase
Chapter 63 Life Story Option And Purchase
Chapter 63a Game Show Rights
Chapter 63b Live Performance Rights
Chapter 63c Underlying Non-Fiction Rights
B Co-Production
Chapter 64 Introduction To Co-Production Contracts
Chapter 65 International Co-Production
Chapter 66 Co-Production Facilities
Chapter 67 Co-Production: Pre-Sale
Chapter 67a Series Production And Participation
Chapter 68 Mini-Series Co-Production
Chapter 69 Joint Production
Chapter 69a Producer Loan-Out
Chapter 69b Producer/Talent Co-Production
C Financing
Chapter 70 Introduction To Financing Contracts
Chapter 70a Development Agreements
Chapter 71 Pilot Teleplay Deal Memo
Chapter 72 Pay Cable Television Production And License
Chapter 73 Network Series: Production And License
Chapter 74 Public Television: Production And License
Chapter 75 Public Television: Corporate Underwriting [Financing]
Chapter 75a Public Television
Chapter 76 Sponsor Commissioned Program
Chapter 76a Production Services
D Employment
Chapter 77 Introduction To Employment Contracts
Chapter 78 General Employment
Chapter 79 Writer Employment
Chapter 79a Series Producer Employment
Chapter 80 Television Series Director Employment
Chapter 81 Performer Employment
Chapter 82 Independent Contractor Employment
Chapter 83 Artist Loan-Out
E Production
Chapter 84 Introduction To Production Contracts
Chapter 85 Rights Releases
Chapter 86 Music
Chapter 87 Stock Footage
Chapter 88 Production Insurance
Chapter 89 Facilities Agreement And Technical Unions
Chapter 89a Joint Production Contracts
Chapter 90 Public Affairs Programming
Chapter 91 Broadcast Standards For Television Programming
Chapter 92 Copyright Registration
Chapter 93 Material Submission
F Distribution
Chapter 94 Introduction To Distribution Contracts
Chapter 95 Syndication Distribution
Chapter 96 Broadcast Licenses
Chapter 97 Video On Demand
Chapter 98 Non-Theatrical Film Distribution
G Home Video
Chapter 99 Introduction To Home Video Contracts
Chapter 100 Home Video Production
Chapter 101 Home Video Licensing
H The Lawyer And The Television Industry Client
Chapter 102 Advice On Determining Legal Fees In The Television Industry
Chapter 103 [Reserved]
I Commercials
Chapter 104 Performers In Commercials
Chapter 105 Television Advertising Standards And Guidelines
Chapter 105a Video Spot
Chapter 105b Infomercials
J Cable Television
Chapter 106 Cable Network Affiliation
Chapter 107 Satellite Communications
Chapter 108 Television Station Asset Purchase
Chapter 109 [Reserved]

PART IIIA Internet And Interactive Media
Chapter 109a General Introduction
Chapter 109b Introduction To The Internet
Chapter 109c Setting Up A Web Site
Chapter 109d Acquiring A Domain Name
Chapter 109e Confidentiality
Chapter 109f Web Site Design And Development
Chapter 109g Privacy Policies
Chapter 109h Web Hosting
Chapter 109i Application Service Provider Agreements
Chapter 109j Internet Patents
Chapter 109k Protecting Web Site Operators From Copyright Liability
Chapter 109l The Future Of Music
Chapter 109m Music Websites
Chapter 109n Film Web Sites
Chapter 109o Internet Software
Chapter 109p Samples Of Terms Of Use
Chapter 109q Spam Laws And Entertainment
Chapter 110 Introduction To The Entertainment Software Industry
Chapter 111 Obtaining Or Making Submissions Of Entertainment Software For Review
Chapter 112 Retaining An Agent
Chapter 113 Developing Entertainment Software
Chapter 114 Creating A Best Selling Game
Chapter 115 Multimedia Entertainment Software
Chapter 116 Publication Of Entertainment Software
Chapter 117 Distribution Of Entertainment Software
Chapter 118 Electronic Entertainment And Information Services
Chapter 119 Selected Issues In Entertainment Software
Chapter 119a Immersive Entertainment And Virtual Reality Entertainment

PART IV Theatre
Chapter 120 Introduction To Theatre
Chapter 121 Front Money
Chapter 121a Raising Money For A Theatrical Production
A Start-Up Activities
Chapter 122 Co-Producers And Associate Producers
Chapter 122a General Managers
B Obtaining a Property
Chapter 123 Obtaining A Property
Chapter 123a Making Both a Contribution and an Investment
Chapter 124 Collaboration
Chapter 125 Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway And Regional Theatres
Chapter 125a Touring Shows
Chapter 125b The Advertising Agency
Chapter 125c Miscellaneous Production Contracts
Chapter 125d Productions Of Foreign Plays In English
Chapter 125e Not For Profit Production Companies
Chapter 126 First Class Productions
Chapter 126a Creative Financing Of A Broadway Play
C Production and Co-Production
Chapter 126b Producer-Controlled Productions
Chapter 127 Royalty Pool Formulas
Chapter 128 Royalty Pool Calculations
Chapter 129 The Producing Company
D Organizing and Funding the Producing Company
Chapter 130 Securities Laws
Chapter 130a Offerings On The Internet
Chapter 131 The New York State Arts And Cultural Affairs Law
Chapter 132 The Securities And Exchange Commission
E Theatre Unions
Chapter 133 Contracts Between Unions And Theatres
Chapter 134 Contracts Between Unions And Producers
Chapter 134a Contracts Involving Child Performers And Models
Chapter 135 Joint Contracts With The Theatres And Producers
F Theatre Licenses
Chapter 136 Theatre Licenses
Chapter 136a Understanding Box Office Statements
Chapter 136b Original Cast Album
Chapter 136c Film Rights In A Musical Play
G Theatre Organizations
Chapter 137 The League Of American Theatres And Producers
H The Lawyer And The Theatre Client
Chapter 138 Advice On Determining Legal Fees
Chapter 139 Common Sense Negotiation: How To Win Gracefully
I London Theatre
Chapter 139a Introduction To London Theatre
Chapter 139b Securing Stage Rights
Chapter 139c Finance Documents And Procedures
Chapter 139d Creative Team And Production Contracts
Chapter 139e Resource Guide

PART V Music
Chapter 140 Introduction To The Music Industry
A Name Selection
Chapter 141 Recording Artists' Names
B Business Organization
Chapter 142 Organization Of Recording Artists
Chapter 143 Individual Artists
Chapter 144 Partnership Among Group Members
Chapter 145 Corporations
Chapter 146 Employment Of Band Members
C Managers And Agents
Chapter 147 Personal Managers
Chapter 148 Business Managers
Chapter 149 Agents
D Live Performances
Chapter 150 Live Performances
Chapter 151 Engagements Of Artists: Single Engagements, Extended Engagements And Tours
Chapter 152 Concert And Tour Related Services And Equipment
Chapter 153 [Reserved]
E Artist And Merchandisers
Chapter 154 Merchandising
Chapter 155 Tour Merchandise Licensing
Chapter 156 Tour Sponsorship
Chapter 157 Product Endorsement
Chapter 158 Retail Merchandising
F Artists And Record And Production Companies--The Recording Of Records And Videos
Chapter 159 Recording Agreements
Chapter 160 Music On The Internet
Chapter 161 Sampling
Chapter 162 Other Agreements Used By Record And Production Companies In Connection With The Recording Of Records
Chapter 163 Video Production Agreements
G Producers And Other Production Personnel
Chapter 164 The Production Team: Record Producers, Mixers And Remixers, And Engineers
Chapter 165 Producing And Mixing Agreements
Chapter 166 Master Recordings
H Record Companies And Distributors
Chapter 167 Distribution Companies And Record Labels
I Songwriters With Music Publishers
Chapter 168 Songwriters And Music Publishers
Chapter 169 Single Song Agreement By Evan Medow Revised And Updated By Jeffrey S. Sacharow
Chapter 170 Term Exclusive Songwriter Agreement
Chapter 171 Composer And Lyricist Agreements
Chapter 172 Copyright
Chapter 173 Copublishing And Administration
Chapter 174 [Reserved]
Chapter 175 [Reserved]
J Publishers In The Marketplace
Chapter 176 Subpublishing
Chapter 177 Print Agreement
Chapter 178 Mechanical And Synchronization Licenses
Chapter 179 [Reserved]
K Performing Rights Societies
Chapter 180 Performing Rights Societies
Chapter 181 ASCAP Affiliation
Chapter 182 BMI Affiliation
L Music For Theatrical And Television Motion Pictures
Chapter 183 The Audio Home Recording Act
Chapter 184 Theatrical And Television Motion Picture Music
Chapter 184a Soundtrack Music
Chapter 185 Film Composing Agreements: Business And Legal Concerns
Chapter 186 Master Use Licenses
Chapter 186a Soundtrack Recording Agreements Between Artist And Motion Picture Production Company
M Television Production Agreements
Chapter 187 Introduction To Television Production
Chapter 188 Advertising Music
Chapter 189 Television Series Composer
Chapter 190 [Reserved]
N Musical Shows
Chapter 191 Broadway Cast Album By Alan Kress
O The Lawyer And The Music Industry Client
Chapter 192 Advice On Determining Legal Fees For Representing Clients In The Music Industry
Chapters 193-199 [Reserved]

Part VI Entertainment Industry Executives
Chapter 200 Executive Employment
Chapters 201-208 [Reserved]

PART VII Sports Contracts
Chapter 209 Endorsement License Agreements
Chapter 210 Basketball Contracts
Chapter 211 Football Contracts
Chapter 212 Baseball Contracts
Chapter 213 Employment Agreements
Chapter 213a Athletic Training Agreements
Chapter 214 Boxing Agreements
Chapter 215 Hockey Agreements
Chapter 215a Waivers And Releases
Chapter 216 Auto Racing Agreements
Chapter 217 Soccer Agreements
Chapter 218 Golf Agreements
Chapter 219 Tennis Agreements
Chapter 219a Wrestling Agreements

PART VIII Art Contracts by Coco Soodek and Lance Frank
A Contracts
Chapter 220 Production Of Work
Chapter 221 Consignments
Chapter 221a Purchase Agreements
Chapter 221b Bills Of Sale
Chapter 221c Artist--Art Gallery Contracts
Chapter 222 Auction Houses
Chapter 223 Museum Loan Agreements
Chapter 224 Moral Rights Of Authors And Artists
Chapter 225 Editions
Chapter 226 Commissioned Works
Chapter 227 Merchandising
Chapter 228 Authenticity
Chapter 229 Private Dealers And Independent Consultants
Chapter 230 The Sale Of Multiples In New York
B Design
Chapter 231 Design Commissions By David S. Korzenik And Jeffrey Craig Miller
Chapters 232-235 [Reserved]
C Photography
Chapter 236 Magazine Photographs