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Energy & Environmental Project Finance: Law & Taxation

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Energy and Environmental Project Finance: Law and Taxation authored by Andrea Kramer & Peter Fusaro: New Investment Techniques provides practitioners with a useful and comprehensive discussion of energy and environmental project finance as it is developing and where it is going in light of new legal and tax rules. This is the first time that internationally recognized lawyers and economists share their knowledge, expertise, and insights in this important and growing industry. Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation examines cutting edge techniques and analyses the recent tax and legal developments coming out of Washington, all of which are revolutionizing the investment in and financing of energy and environmental projects.

Written for practitioners and laymen alike, Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation arms the reader with crucial knowledge about structuring and financing conventional, renewable, green financing, and alternative energy projects. It addresses carbon financing, green power, and traditional and new technologies, including nuclear power, wind, photovoltaic, solar, geothermal, biomass, and the new generation of nuclear power. This book also addresses the risks involved in structuring and financing these new technologies; ways to hedge these risks; and how to monetize the tax credits available for renewable energy projects.


•   The only comprehensive book in the field of environmental attributes, and renewables and alternative energy project finance that serves as an easy reference guide for these issues in ways that both casual readers and experts can understand
•   An up-to-date resource that incorporates energy and environmental legislation and legislative proposals for the first half of 2009 which relate to conventional, renewable, and alternative energy projects
•   This book addresses the special issues and unique challenges faced by participants in environmental, renewable, and alternative energy project finance, focusing on the legal and tax hurdles that must be jumped to have a technically and economically viable project financing
•   Written and edited by experienced industry experts in the field

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Global Challenge for Energy and Environmental Investment

Chapter 2 Creating and Financing the Next-Generation Carbon Offset Project

Chapter 3 Carbon Finance in America

Chapter 4 Carbon Credits as a Currency for Project Finance

Chapter 5 Developing Markets for Renewable Energy Certificates and Their Impact on Project Finance

Chapter 6 Overview of the Development and Financing of Renewable Energy Projects

Chapter 7 Investing in a Green World

Chapter 8 The "Unique" Challenges Faced by Project Sponsors in Monetizing Offsets

Chapter 9 An Overview of Transmission and Interconnection Issues Affecting Renewable Energy Projects

Chapter 10 Project Finance for Small-Scale Installations

Chapter 11 Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Chapter 12 Contract Force Majeure Under New York Law

Chapter 13 Failure Is an Option

Chapter 14 Taking an Interest in Carbon

Chapter 15 Secured Hedges in Energy and Environmental Project Finance

Chapter 16 Multitiered Debt Financing Structures and Intercreditor Relationships in Renewable Energy Project Financings

Chapter 17 Use of Lien-Supported Financial Derivatives in Project Finance

Chapter 18 Energy and Environmental Hedging and Risk Management

Chapter 19 Credit Tools Used in Structured Energy Transactions

Chapter 20 Contract Techniques for Renewable Resource Power Purchase Agreement Offtakers

Chapter 21 Structured Financing Techniques in Oil and Gas Project Finance

Chapter 22 Insurance Strategies to Protect Project Finance Cash Flow for Domestic and International Trade

Chapter 23 The New Generation of Nuclear Power

Chapter 24 Project Financing of Cross-Border Pipelines

Chapter 25 Financing Renewable Energy Projects Through U.S. Tax Credits

Chapter 26 Monetization Structures and Issues for U.S. Tax Code Sections 45 and 48 Projects

Chapter 27 Tax Equity Financing for Wind Projects

Chapter 28 The Financing of Photovoltaic Projects

Chapter 29 Innovation in Tax Credit Structuring for Solar Energy Projects

Chapter 30 Geothermal Power

Chapter 31 Private Investment Fund Investment in Cleantech, Alternative Energy, and Carbon Products

Chapter 32 Conclusion