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Written by Shawe & Rosenthal, a law firm with a nationwide practice in management ...

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Print Book:1 volume, loose-leaf, updated twice a year
ISBN: 9780820511177
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ISBN: 9781579110789
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Written by Shawe & Rosenthal, a law firm with a nationwide practice in management labor and employment law, located in Baltimore, MD. This firm represents thirty Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. This handy deskbook will make employment law accessible to the human resources professional.

•   Covers every stage of the employer/employee relationship, from the initial employment application through termination
•   Written in a clear, straightforward manner offering solid guidance for complying with the law and for recognizing those practices that may give rise to legal action
•   Discusses the entire range of important issues confronting employers: drug and alcohol testing, sexual harassment claims, employee benefits
•   Incorporates practical material throughout including checklists, charts, tables and sample forms
•   Provides a state-by-state summary of key employment-related statutes

Also available on Authority Employment Law Library CD-ROM.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Recruiting
3. Hiring
4. Training
5. Performance Evaluations
6. Promotions
7. Wages, Hours and Compensation
8. Terms, Conditions, and Privileges of Employment
9. Discipline and Discharge
10. Layoffs, Reductions in Force and Plant Closings
11. Safety and Health
12. Unemployment Compensation
13. Workers' Compensation
14. Employee Benefits Laws
15. Written Employment and Termination Agreements
16. Common Law Claims
17. Labor Relations
18. Equal Employment Opportunity Statutes and Regulations
19. Affirmative Action
20. Drug and Alcohol Policies and Testing
21. Record Retention
22. Posting Agency Notices
23. State Labor and Employment Law Summary
24. Privacy in the Workplace
25. Preventing and Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims
26. Americans With Disabilities Act
27. Alternative Dispute Resolution
28. Determining Independent Contractor Versus Employee Status
29. Business and Employment Immigration

Table of Cases