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Elder Law Practice in Tennessee

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ISBN: 9780327164098
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Elder Law Practice in Tennessee covers all aspects of elder law as it currently exists in Tennessee. This one volume treatise addresses senior citizens and the law relevant to the legal practitioner and others providing allied services. Using this book as a guide, you can feel confident when:

•  planning for medical, financial, and quality of life decisions,

•  setting up a conservatorship,

•  making ethical considerations in elder law practice,

•  choosing housing options for an elderly client, and

•  planning for long-term care.

The appendices include an Elder Law Planning Questionnaire for client use, a table of current public benefits figures, life estate and life expectancy tables, as well as a resource directory.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview of Elder Law

Chapter 2 Ethical Problems in Elder Law Practice

Chapter 3 Retirement and Disability Income and Benefits

Chapter 4 Paying for Health Care

Chapter 5 Medicaid

Chapter 6 Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning

Chapter 7 Medicaid Transfer Strategies

Chapter 8 Medicaid Planning for the Married Client

Chapter 9 Asset Management

Chapter 10 Conservatorship

Chapter 11 Health Care Decision Making

Chapter 12 Housing Options for the Elderly

Chapter 13 Nursing Homes

Chapter 14 Creating and Administering Special Needs Trusts

Appendix 1 Elder Law Planning Questionnaire

Appendix 2 Public Benefits Figures

Appendix 3 Life Estate and Life Expectancy Tables

Appendix 4 Resource Directory