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Education Law

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ISBN: 9780820513973
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Education Law


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A nationally oriented work in the vital area of Education Law by LexisNexis and Matthew Bender. Education Law is an indispensable reference for attorneys who represent persons having a grievance against educational institutions, and attorneys representing such institutions, as well as school board members and administrators.

  • Authoritative analysis of federal and state statutes and cases affecting public and private educational institutions at all levels
  • Includes such topics as: banning of books, school prayer, dealing with students afflicted with AIDS, tax-exempt status for parochial schools, funding accreditations, tort liability
  • Guidance on collective bargaining strategies, drafting codes of student conduct and conducting student searches
  • Selected forms, including contracts, model school policies, litigation forms, as well as checklists
  • Tables of state legislation concerning important issues facing law and education in schools

    First published 1984. 7 volumes; looseleaf; updated with revisions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Education, Law and the Attorney 

Chapter 2 Religion, State and Education

Chapter 3 Governing Agencies, Boards, Officers and Authorities

Chapter 4 General Procedures and Operations of Educational Institutions

Chapter 5 Funding, Support and Finances of Education

Chapter 6 Faculty and Staff Employment and Dismissal

Chapter 7 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining in Education

Chapter 8 The Student-Educational Institution Relationship

Chapter 9 Student Safety, Control and Discipline

Chapter 10 Educational Opportunities and Equality

Chapter 11 Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Chapter 12 General Liabilities and Litigation

Chapter 13 Education Records Management and Retention

Chapter 14 Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks in the Educational Community

Chapter F1 General Governance of Educational Institutions

Chapter F2 General Procedures and Operations

Chapter F3 Faculty and Staff Employment Relations

Chapter F4 The Student-Educational Institution Relationship

Chapter F5 Student Control and Discipline

Chapter F6 General Liabilities and Litigation

Chapter F7 Education Records

Chapter F8 Intellectual Property

Chapter F9 Funding, Support and Finances

Chapter R1 Tables of Education Statutes

Chapter R2 Forms Quoted in Reported Cases and Other References

Chapter R3 References to the Internet and World Wide Web