Dupont on Connecticut Civil Practice

Be prepared in the courtroom with practical guidelines and application.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Dupont on Connecticut Civil Practice is the definitive source on Connecticut 's rules of practice and their application, including the state's unique fact pleading requirements and rules of discovery. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner, this portable resource will help you recognize when it's necessary to plead a special defense, when it suffices to deny the complaint's allegations, when to use a motion to strike a complaint and when to move for summary judgment.

The 2022-2023 edition ISBN is 9781663333742.

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Table of contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Scope, Application and Interpretation of the Rules in General
Chapter 2 County Courts, Attorney Admission and Bar Discipline
Chapter 3 Appearances
Chapter 4 Form of Pleadings
Chapter 5 Trials
Chapter 6 Judgments [and Memoranda; Formalities of]
Chapter 7 Clerks, Files and Records
Chapter 8 Commencement of Action
Chapter 9 Parties
Chapter 10 Pleadings
Chapter 11 Motions, Requests, [Applications] Orders of Notice and Short Calendar
Chapter 12 Transfer of Actions [To Another Judicial District]
Chapter 13 Discovery and Depositions

Volume 2
Chapter 14 Dockets, Trial Lists, Pretrials and Assignment Lists
Chapter 15 Trials in General; Argument By Counsel
Chapter 16 Conduct of Jury Trials
Chapter 17 Judgments
Chapter 18 Fees and Costs
Chapter 19 References
Chapter 20 Hearings in Chambers
Chapter 21 Receivers
Chapter 22 Unemployment Compensation
Chapter 23 Miscellaneous Remedies and Procedures
Chapter 24 Small Claims
Chapter 25 Procedure in Family Matters General Provisions

Chapter 25A Family Support Magistrate Matters
Chapters 26–59 [Reserved]
Chapter 60 Rules of Appellate Procedure
Chapter 61 Remedy By Appeal
Chapter 62 Chief Judge, Appellate Clerk and Docket: General Administrative Matters
Chapter 63 Filing the Appeal; Withdrawals
Chapter 64 Procedure Concerning Memorandum of Decision
Chapter 65 [Reserved]
Chapter 66 Motions and Other Procedures
Chapter 67 Briefs
Chapter 68 Case File
Chapter 69 Assignment of Cases For Argument
Chapter 70 Arguments and Media Coverage of Court Proceedings
Chapter 71 Appellate Judgments and Opinions
Chapter 72 Writs of Error
Chapter 73 Reservations
Chapter 74–75 [Reserved]
Chapter 76 Appeals in Workers' Compensation Cases
Chapter 77 Procedures Concerning Court Closure and Sealing Orders or Orders Limiting the Disclosure of Files, Affidavits, Documents or Other Material
Chapter 78–80 [Reserved]
Chapter 81 Appeals to Appellate Court by Certification for Review in Accordance with General Statutes Chapters 124 and 440
Chapter 82 Certified Questions to or from Courts of Other Jurisdictions
Chapter 83 Certification Pursuant to General Statutes 52-265a in Cases of Substantial Public Interest
Chapter 84 Appeals to Supreme Court by Certification for Review
Chapter 84A Matters Within Supreme Court’s Original Jurisdiction in Which Facts May Be Found
Chapter 85 Sanctions
Chapter 86 Rules Changes; Effective Date; Applicability
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes