Domestic Relations Manual for the District of Columbia

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ISBN: 9780820554754
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Domestic Relations Manual for the District of Columbia provides a concise, practice-oriented and practical analysis of each issue area encountered by the family law practitioner in the District of Columbia, with full citation to statutory and case authority. This completely updated publication includes critical discussion of the latest changes in D.C. law, including the enactment of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). In addition, it includes an extensive array of both court-issued and expert-drafted forms.

Domestic Relations Manual for the District of Columbia is also easy to reference thanks to full chapter synopses, tables, and thorough indexing, with comprehensive coverage of each important family law issue, including:

• child custody and visitation
• child and spousal support (and separate maintenance)
• equitable distribution of marital property
• recovery of attorney's fees and costs
• procedures for bringing a divorce action
• the law of marriage and annulment in D.C.
• adoption
• name change procedures
• the effect of various types of matrimonial agreements.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1  Pleading and Practice 
Chapter 2 Marriage and Annulment
Chapter 3 Divorce
Chapter 4 Equitable Distribution
Chapter 5 Alimony, Spousal Support and Separate Maintenance
Chapter 6 Legal Relationship of Parent and Child
Chapter 7 Adoption
Chapter 8 Custody and Visitation
Chapter 9 Child Support
Chapter 10 Marital Agreements
Chapter 11 Change of Name
Chapter 12 Domestic Violence
Chapter 13 Personal Jurisdiction and Service of Process
Chapter 14 Multi-Jurisdictional Issues
Chapter 15 Discovery and Fact Investigation
Chapter 16 Attorney's Fees and Costs
Chapter 17 Postjudgment Relief
Chapter 18 Enforcement-Contempt
Chapter 19 Appeals and Motions for Review
Forms Appendix
Tables (Statutes/Cases)