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Deposition Checklists & Strategies

Publisher: James Publishing

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Deposition Checklists & Strategies


Deposition Checklists and Strategies gives you thousands of deposition questions for crucial witnesses: treating physicians, corporate representatives, insurers, experts, defendants, and plaintiffs.

The most recent edition features–

A complete deposition of a corporate executive in a personal injury case against a pharmaceutical company. The focus is on the initial rollout of the product and whether the company downplayed the risks of the drug. The deposition demonstrates the benefits of careful witness preparation combined with strategic objections and the challenges for the questioning attorney of deposing an evasive witness.

And more than 20 new sections with practical tips on such topics as:

  • Moving from open-ended questions to testimony suitable for impeachment.
  • Depositions as a follow-up to written discovery.
  • Discovering new facts.
  • Questions designed to sweep up or close out a topic.
  • Questions that make boundaries around previous answers.
  • Establishing personal knowledge.
  • Benefits of reading deposition transcripts.
  • Discovering other witnesses.
  • Follow-up questions.
  • Using of leading questions in a deposition.
  • Identifying documents in deposition questions.
  • Bringing extra copies of deposition exhibits to the deposition.
  • Preparing for expert depositions.
  • Supplying the witness with information.

Table of Contents

Deposition Procedures and Strategies
Vehicular Liability
Premises Liability
Products Liability
Medical Malpractice
Employment Discrimination and Termination
Insurance Coverage Disputes
Consumer Protection and Deceptive Trade Practices
Breach of Contract