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Deposition Checklists & Strategies

Publisher: James Publishing

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Deposition Checklists & Strategies

1,000's of deposition questions are supported with strategy, law, practice tips, and thumbnail deposition outlines. Troublesome answers are annotated with commentary and follow-up questions. Covers auto accidents, premises liability, products liability, medical malpractice, employment discrimination and termination, and insurance coverage disputes.

Fast and Thorough Deposition Preparation

Creating an outline is the most efficient way of formalizing your preparation for a deposition.

Use the outlines and pattern questions in Deposition Checklists & Strategies to avoid omissions, improve your advocacy, and handle unfamiliar areas with confidence. You receive:

•   Underlying law. Each chapter begins with a summary of the substantive law at issue. Also included is an analysis of common defenses.
•   Deposition outlines. Each chapter contains several full-length deposition Q&A sections organized by issue, based on common fact patterns, and directed at specialized deponents like experts, corporate representatives, and treating physicians. The book's questions are easy to mix and match with your own.
•   Commentary. Thorny or common issues are annotated with practice-proven alternatives and solutions.
•   Bonus outlines. Thumbnail checklists that contain themes and issues rather than question-and answer dialogue are provided for less-common deponents.
•   Related discovery forms. Complaints, interrogatories, requests for admissions, requests to produce, and more finish each chapter.
•   Practice tips. Sprinkled through each pattern deposition is practical advice learned from hundreds of depositions.

Detailed Q&A

Each pattern deposition outline contains extensive questions and selected answers for the issues most likely to arise. Troublesome answers are annotated with commentary and follow-up questions. Here is an example of the subjects covered in one sample deposition:

Defendant Driver in Auto Case

    •   Thumbnail Outline with Issues and Themes
    •   Preliminary Questions Introductory Questions Witness' Background Witness' Preparation for the Deposition Witness's Relationship to Other Parties and Witnesses
    •   The Collision Events Leading Up to the Collision Central Events After the Collision Driving Experience and Licensure
    •   Defendant's Condition on Day of Collision Defendant's Activities on the Day of the Collision Estimates of Times Establishing Fatigue Alcohol and Drugs
    •   The Vehicles Condition of the Deponent's Vehicle Before the Collision Condition of the Vehicles After the Collision Lack of Damage as Evidence of Negligible Force
    •   Traffic Tickets and Plaintiff's Negligence Traffic Tickets Plaintiff's Contributory Negligence
    •   Admissions, Witnesses, and Statements Admissions All Witnesses to the Occurrence Knowledge of Conversations Formal Statements Informal Statements and Interviews Conversations About the Accident or the Lawsuit
    •   Closing Photographs and Diagrams Closing Questions

Table of Contents

Deposition Procedures and Strategies
Vehicular Liability
Premises Liability
Products Liability
Medical Malpractice
Employment Discrimination and Termination
Insurance Coverage Disputes
Consumer Protection and Deceptive Trade Practices
Breach of Contract