Delaware Code Annotated

The official compilation of Delaware statutes, fully annotated by our expert editorial team.
Publisher: Michie

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Print Book:23 volumes, hardbound, full set
2020 Edition
ISBN: 9780327108801
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The Delaware Code Annotated provides users with the OFFICIAL version of the Delaware statutes, including guidance from the Delaware Revisors of Statute on codification decisions, annotation content and placement, from the same official publisher that has produced the Delaware Code Annotated for 40 years. Delaware practitioners know there is only one source they can trust for comprehensive coverage in annotated Delaware primary law – the Delaware Code Annotated.

The Delaware Code Annotated offers many tools to guide users quickly and efficiently in understanding the Delaware statutory scheme, including: a comprehensive index; cross reference notes; Revisor and effect of amendment notes; annotations to Opinions of the Attorney General; comprehensive case annotations; complete historical citations to the Laws of Delaware; references to law reviews and other useful research references; and codification tables.

The Delaware Code Annotated is available in a wide choice of user friendly formats including: a 22-volume hardbound set; eBook; and, of course, online via LexisNexis®.

The first and last word in Delaware primary law research, the Delaware Code Annotated includes:
• 22 hardbound volumes, supplemented bi-annually (pocket parts)
• 1-volume Interim Supplement in non-pocket-part supplement years
• The official state statutes, fully annotated with explanatory notes
• Comprehensive index, replaced bi-annually with supplementation in non-replacement years.
• Annotations based on:
o All decisions of the Supreme Court of Delaware, the Superior Court of Delaware, the Court of Chancery of Delaware, the Family Court of Delaware and all federal cases arising in Delaware
o State law reviews
o Attorney General Opinions
• Cross reference notes to statutes, rules and the Delaware Administrative Code
• All case citations Shepardized® for accuracy and relevant subsequent history noted

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Table of contents

Vol. 1 U.S. Constitution, Organic Acts, Delaware Constitutions and Indexes, Bound Volume (2007)
Vol. 2 Chapter 1‐3 General Provisions; Transportation; Agriculture, Bound Volume (2001)
Vol. 2A Chapter 4, 5 Alcoholic Liquors; Banking, Bound Volume (2001)
Vol. 3 Chapter 6 Commerce and Trade, Bound Volume (2013)
Vol. 4 Chapter 7, 8 Conservation; Corporations, Bound Volume (2011)
Vol. 5 Chapter 9 Counties, Bound Volume (2011)
Vol. 6 Chapter 10 Courts and Judicial Procedure Bound Volume (2013)
Vol. 7, Title 11, Part I Chapter 11, part I Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Bound Volume (2015)
Vol. 7, Title 11, Parts II‐ VII Chapter 11, parts II‐VII Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Bound Volume (2015)
Vol. 7A Chapter 12 Decedents' Estates and Fiduciary Relations, Bound Volume (2007)
Vol. 8 Chapter 13 Domestic Relations, Bound Volume (2009)
Vol. 8A Chapter 14, 15 Education; Elections, Bound Volume (2015)
Vol. 9 Chapter 16, 17 Health and Safety; Highways, Bound Volume (2017)
Vol. 10 Chapter 18 Insurance Code, Bound Volume (2015)
Vol. 11 Chapter 19, 20 Labor; Military and Civil Defense, Bound Volume (2013)
Vol. 11A Chapter 21 Motor Vehicles, Bound Volume (2013)
Vol. 12 Chapter 22‐24 Municipalities; Navigation and Waters; Professions and Occupations, Bound Volume (2011)
Vol. 13 Chapter 25‐28 Property; Public Utilities; Religion; Sports and Amusements, Bound Volume (2009)
Vol. 14 Chapter 29, Ch. 1‐60D State Government, Bound Volume (2017)
Vol. 14A Chapter 29, Ch. 61‐11 State Government, Bound Volume (2017)
Vol. 15 Chapter 30, 31 State Taxes; Welfare, Bound Volume (2009)
Index A to H Soft Cover Volume 2016)
Index I to Z Soft Cover Volume (2016)
Tables Bound Volume (1991)