Defense of Narcotics Cases

Expert, up-to-date coverage of all aspects of narcotics cases and related matters.

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Print Book:3 volumes, looseleaf, updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820512495
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ISBN: 9781579112455
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Expert, up-to-date coverage of all aspects of narcotics cases and related matters, such as:

•  identification of drugs
•  search and seizure
•  motor vehicle and airport searches
•  pretrial proceedings

Also covers informers and accomplices, the trial, alternatives to standing trial, compulsory commitment of narcotics addicts, defense of driving-under-the influence cases, and forfeiture proceedings.

Provides forms and easy-to-follow charts analyzing federal drug law and provisions of representative state laws.

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Table of contents

Volume 1  

Ch. 1 Narcotic Crimes

Ch. 2 Pretrial Proceedings

Ch. 3A Motions to Suppress in Narcotics Cases

Ch. 3B Searches Pursuant to Warrants

Ch. 3C Warrantless Searches

Ch. 3D Confession and Interrogation

Ch. 3E Wiretapping and Other Forms of Electronic Eavesdropping

Ch. 3F Identification

Volume 2

Ch. 4 Identification of Drugs
Ch. 4A Informants and Cooperating Defendants

Ch. 4B Federal Forfeiture

Ch. 4C State Forfeiture

Ch. 5 The Trial

Ch. 5A Jury Selection in Drug Offense Cases

Ch. 5B Drug Offenses and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Volume 3

Ch. 6 Alternatives to Standing Trial

Ch. 7 Drugs and Addiction

Ch. 8 Guilty Pleas

Ch. 9 Defense of Narcotic Addict Commitment Proceedings

Ch. 10 Defense of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Cases

Ch. 11 Defense of Highly Publicized Cases

Ch. 12 Defense of Drug Laden Ship Cases

Ch. 13 Intoxication as a Defense or as Defensive Evidence

Ch. 14 Drug Testing In The Workplace