Deering's California Public Resources Code Annotated

This extensive annotated code provides coverage of everything you need to know about all California public resources codes.
Publisher: Michie

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Since 1866, smart practitioners have turned to Deering's California Public Resources Code Annotated as their choice for fast, accurate statutory research. This extensive annotated code provides coverage of everything you need to know about all California public resources codes. Up-to-date casenote annotations provide coverage of all significant state court decisions construing California law. It also includes suggested forms integrated with the appropriate code sections.

6 volumes.

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Table of contents



DIVISION 1. Administration

DIVISION 2. Geology, Mines and Mining

DIVISION 3. Oil and Gas

DIVISION 3.5. Mines and Mining

DIVISION 4. Forests, Forestry and Range and Forage Lands

DIVISION 5. Parks and Monuments

DIVISION 5.7. Small Craft Harbors [Repealed]

DIVISION 5.8. California Wildlife, Coastal, and Park Land Conservation Act

DIVISION 6. Public Lands

DIVISION 7. Kapiloff Land Bank Act

DIVISION 7.5. Arroyo Seco Parklands

DIVISION 7.7. School Lands

DIVISION 7.8. Oil Spill Prevention and Response

DIVISION 7.9. Oil Transfer and Transportation Emission and Risk Reduction

DIVISION 8. Surveying and Mapping

DIVISION 8.5. Geographic And Land Information Systems

DIVISION 9. Resource Conservation

DIVISION 10. Streamflow Protection Standards

DIVISION 10.2. Agricultural Land Stewardship Program of 1995

DIVISION 10.25. California Environmental Quality Improvement Revolving Loan Program [Repealed]

DIVISION 10.3. Agricultural Protection Planning Grant Program

DIVISION 10.4. Rangeland, Grazing Land, and Grassland Protection Act

DIVISION 10.5. California Forest Legacy Program Act of 2007

DIVISION 11. Resort Improvement Districts

DIVISION 12. California Conservation Corps

DIVISION 12.1. California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act

DIVISION 12.2. Products Containing Toxic Metals

DIVISION 12.3. Recycled Concrete

DIVISION 12.4. Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor Waste

DIVISION 12.5. Community Conservation Corps

DIVISION 12.6. Paving Materials [Repealed]

DIVISION 12.7. Plastic Waste

DIVISION 12.9. Fiberglass Recycled Content Act of 1991

DIVISION 13. Environmental Quality

DIVISION 13.5. California Environmental Protection Program

DIVISION 14. The Ventura–Los Angeles Mountain and Coastal Study Commission

DIVISION 15. Energy Conservation and Development

DIVISION 16. California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority Act

DIVISION 16.2. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and

DIVISION 16.3. Clean Energy Job Creation

DIVISION 16.5. Energy and Resources Fund

DIVISION 17. Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts

DIVISION 18. Morro Bay Management Plan

DIVISION 19. Suisun Marsh Preservation

DIVISION 19.5. Delta Protection Act of 1992

DIVISION 20. California Coastal Act

DIVISION 20.4. Watershed, Clean Beaches, and Water Quality Act

DIVISION 20.5. Ocean Use Planning

DIVISION 20.6. (Repealed January 1, 2018) Planning for Sea Level Rise Database

DIVISION 20.7. Santa Monica Bay Restoration

DIVISION 21. State Coastal Conservancy

DIVISION 22. California Urban Waterfront Area Restoration Financing Authority Act

DIVISION 22.3. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy

DIVISION 22.5. San Joaquin River Conservancy

DIVISION 22.7. (Repealed January 1, 2026) Baldwin Hills Conservancy Act

DIVISION 22.8. San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy

DIVISION 22.9. San Diego River Conservancy

DIVISION 23. Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

DIVISION 23.3. Sierra Nevada Conservancy

DIVISION 23.5. Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy

DIVISION 23.7. Preservation of Future Transportation Options

DIVISION 24. Renewable Resources Investment Program

DIVISION 25. Coastal Resources and Energy Assistance

DIVISION 26. Santa Clara Valley Open-Space Authority

DIVISION 26.5. California Ocean Protection Act

DIVISION 27. Ocean Resources Management

DIVISION 28. Natural Heritage Preservation Tax Credit Act of 2000

DIVISION 30. Waste Management

DIVISION 31. Waste Management Facilities

DIVISION 32. Sacramento Regional County Solid Waste Management District Act [Repealed]

DIVISION 32.5. Ventura County Waste Management Authority

DIVISION 33. Glass Contamination

DIVISION 34. Environmental Protection

DIVISION 36. Marine Invasive Species Act

DIVISION 37. California Endowment For Marine Preservation

DIVISION 38. California Clean Coast Act

DIVISION 39. Large Passenger Vessels

DIVISION 43. The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality And Supply, Flood Control, River And Coastal
Protection Bond Act of 2006

DIVISION 44. Transit, Affordable Housing, and Sustainable Communities Program

DIVISION 50. Repeals [Repealed]