CSC® Massachusetts Laws Governing Business Entities

CSC brings you Massachusetts Laws Governing Business Entities. This portable and easy-to-use book helps you to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently, and better advise your clients.
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2019 Edition
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CSC brings you Massachusetts Laws Governing Business Entities, 2019 Edition. This portable and easy-to-use book helps you to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently, and better advise your clients.


Easily access the most important Massachusetts business entity laws 
This portable and easy-to-use deskbook includes all the up-to-date statutes that you need to transact business in the Bay State, updated through chapter 10 of the 2019 Massachusetts legislative session. You’ll find the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act, Limited Liability Company Act, and related laws. In addition, the Table of New Annotations and change bars highlight over thirty new case notes added in this edition, allowing you to quickly identify key cases interpreting the law.

Gain insight
A 2019 update to the Special Commentary Section, prepared by attorney Kurt Wm. Hemr of Skadden, Arps, provides an update regarding Massachusetts law considerations on corporate formation. Also included in this edition are four full-text cases covering recent legal developments regarding partition, merger, records, and ratification.

Work more efficiently
The included Massachusetts Business Fee Schedule allows you to look up filing fees required by the Secretary of State quickly. Over 160 ready-to-file PDF forms for incorporation/formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all entity types can be found on the companion CD-ROM.

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Pub Number: 25015

Table of Contents

About the Senior Legal Advisors to CSC
Table of Sections Affected by 2018 Legislation
Table of New Annotations
Special Commentary
Summary of Full-Text Massachusetts Cases

Chapter 108A.  Partnerships
Chapter 109.  Limited Partnership

Corporations — Generally
Chapter 155.  General Provisions Relative to Corporations
Chapter 156.  Business Corporations
Chapter 156A.  Professional Corporations
Chapter 156B.  Certain Business Corporations

Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 156C.  Limited Liability Company Act

Business Corporation Act
Chapter 156D.  Business Corporations

Corporations — Miscellaneous
Chapter 157.  Co-operative Corporations
Chapter 157A.  Employee Cooperative Corporations
Chapter 157B.  Cooperative Housing Corporations
Chapter 158.  Certain Miscellaneous Corporations
Chapter 180.  Corporations For Charitable And Certain Other Purposes
Chapter 182.  Voluntary Associations And Certain Trusts

Related Laws
Chapter 63.  Taxation of Corporations
Chapter 106.  Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 110A.  Uniform Securities Act
Chapter 110C.  Regulation of Take-Over Bids In The Acquisition of Corporations
Chapter 110D.  Regulation of Control Share Acquisitions
Chapter 110E.  Regulation of Control Share Acquisitions of Foreign Corporations
Chapter 110F.  Business Combinations With Interested Shareholders
Chapter 110H.  Registration and Protection of Trademarks
Chapter 200A.  Disposition of Unclaimed Property
Chapter 223.  Commencement of Actions, Service of Process
Chapter 223A.  Jurisdiction of Courts of the Commonwealth over Persons in Other States and Countries
Chapter 246.  Trustee Process
Chapter 251.  Uniform Arbitration Act for Commercial Disputes

Title 950. Office of The Secretary of The Commonwealth
Chapter 111.00  Limited Liability Partnerships
Chapter 112.00  Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 113.00  The Massachusetts Business Corporation Act, MGL c. 156D

Appendix A:  Business Fee Schedule
Appendix B:  Full-Text Cases
Appendix C:  Massachusetts Business Entity Forms


CD-ROM:  Fillable Massachusetts Business Entity Forms