CSC New Jersey Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated

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CSC brings you New Jersey Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated, 2023 Edition. This deskbook is the portable yet comprehensive collection of current New Jersey corporate law statutes and forms you need to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently, and advise your clients with confidence.


  • The full text of Title 14A. Corporations, General, Title 15A. Corporations, Nonprofit, and Title 42. Partnerships and Partnership Associations, as well as a curated selection of related statutes covering commercial transactions, arbitration, securities, and taxation from the LexisNexis® New Jersey Annotated Statutes
  • All content updated through the 2023 Legislative Session, including new provisions allowing conversion of any business entity to a domestic corporation
  • The latest case notes from courts interpreting the law
  • An easy-to-reference Fee Schedule allowing you to find required fees to file documents with the New Jersey Department of Treasury Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services
  • Directly access more than 70 New Jersey forms for incorporation/formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all entity types via our LexisNexis Store download center

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The 2022 Edition ISBN was 9781663334152.

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Pub Number: 25400


Table of contents

About the Senior Legal Advisors to CSC Publishing
Table of Sections Affected by 2022 - 2023 Legislation
Table of New Annotations
Analysis of Select 2023 Legislative Changes to New Jersey Laws Governing Business
New Jersey Fee Schedule

Title 14A.  Corporations, General
Chapter 1.  General Provisions
Chapter 2.  Formation
Chapter 3.  Powers
Chapter 4.  Registered Office and Registered Agent; Annual Report
Chapter 5.  Shareholders' Meetings, Elections, Rights and Liabilities of Shareholders in
 Certain Cases
Chapter 6.  Directors and Officers
Chapter 7.  Shares and Dividends
Chapter 8.  Beneficial Provisions for Employees
Chapter 9.  Amendments, Changes, or Alterations
Chapter 10.  Merger, Consolidation, Acquisition of All Capital Shares of a Corporation
 and Sale of Assets
Chapter 10A.  Shareholders Protection Act
Chapter 11.  Rights of Dissenting Shareholders
Chapter 12.  Dissolution
Chapter 13.  Foreign Corporations
Chapter 14.  Insolvency, Receivers and Reorganization
Chapter 15.  Fees of Secretary of State
Chapter 16.  Construction, Repealers; Effective Date
Chapter 17.  Professional Service Corporations

Title 15A.  Corporations, Nonprofit
Chapter 1.  In General
Chapter 2.  Formation of Corporation
Chapter 3.  Corporate Powers
Chapter 3A.  Criminal Background Checks for Employees and Volunteers of Youth-
 Serving Organizations
Chapter 4.  Registered Office, Registered Agent and Annual Report
Chapter 5.  Annual Meetings, Elections, and Rights and Liabilities of Corporate Members
Chapter 6.  Board of Trustees and Corporate Officers
Chapter 7.  Memberships in Corporations
Chapter 8.  Employee Benefit Plans
Chapter 9.  Amendments to Certificate of Incorporation
Chapter 10.  Merger, Consolidation and Sale of Assets
Chapter 11.  Limitations on Rights of Dissenting Members
Chapter 12.  Dissolution of Corporation
Chapter 13.  Powers of Foreign Corporations
Chapter 14.  Insolvency, Receivers and Reorganization of Corporation
Chapter 15.  Filing and Miscellaneous Fees of the Secretary of State
Chapter 16.  Acts Saved from Repeal

Title 42.  Partnerships and Partnership Associations
Chapter 1.  Uniform Partnership Law
Chapter 1A.  Uniform Partnership Act
Chapter 2A.  Uniform Limited Partnership Law (1976)
Chapter 2B.  New Jersey Limited Liability Company Act
Chapter 3.  Limited Partnership Associations
Chapter 4.  Partnerships; Dissolution and Insolvency
Chapter 5.  Copartners; Compromise of Claims
Chapter 6.  Partnership Liabilities; Insolvent Voluntary Business Associations

New Jersey Rules of Court
Part IV.  Rules Governing Civil Practice in the Superior Court, Tax Court and Surrogate's
Chapter 1.  Scope of Rules; Commencement and Form of Action; Service of Process

Title 2A.  Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice
Subtitle 4.  Civil Actions
Chapter 15.  General Provisions
Subtitle 6.  Civil Actions
Chapter 23B.  Arbitration and Arbitration Proceedings

Title 12A.  Commercial Transactions
Subtitle 1.  Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 1.  General Provisions
Chapter 8.  Investment Securities
Chapter 9.  Secured Transactions

Title 46.  Property
Subtitle 6.  Personal Property Only
Chapter 30B.  Uniform Unclaimed Property Act

Title 49.  Sale of Securities
Chapter 2.  Sale of Securities, etc., in General
Chapter 2A.  Bond Volume Cap Allocation
Chapter 2B.  Refunding Bond Act
Chapter 3.  Uniform Securities Law
Chapter 4.  Destruction of Cancelled Securities
Chapter 5.  Corporation Takeover Bid Disclosure Law

Title 52.  State Government, Departments and Officers
Subtitle 3.  Executive and Administrative Departments
Chapter 16A.  Department of State

Title 54.  Taxation
Subtitle 4.  Particular Taxes on Corporations and Others
Chapter 10A.  Corporation Business Tax Act (1945)
Chapter 11.  Tax Delinquents; Voiding Charter; Sale of Assets

Title 54A.  New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act
Chapter 8.  Payment of Tax

Appendix — List of New Jersey Business Entity Forms