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ISBN: 9780820512174
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Concise discussion of the basic principles of criminal procedure, substantive criminal law, and criminal trial strategy and tactics.

  • Logically organized according to the chronology of a criminal case
  • Thorough coverage of everything from arraignment andbail to sentencing
  • Numerous checklists provide a time-saving framework for analyzing all aspects of a case

    First published in 1984.

    1 Volume; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

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    Table of Contents

    1   The Adversary System

    2   Arraignment and Bail

    3   Substantive Crimes and Their Elements

    4   Preliminary Examination

    4a   Grand Jury

    5   Discovery

    6   Pretrial Practice

    7   Search and Seizure

    8   Suppression of Statements

    9   Suppression of Identification Evidence

    10   Motions Limiting Cross-Examination

    11   Plea Bargaining and the Guilty Plea

    12   Preparation for Trial

    13   Reserved

    14   Jury Selection

    15   The Opening Statement

    16   Direct Examination

    17   Cross-Examination

    18   Presenting and Objecting to Evidence

    19   Summation

    20   Defenses

    21   Sentencing