Criminal Defense Techniques

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Loose-Leaf:10 volumes, looseleaf, updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820512020
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Don't waste valuable research time wading through a library of criminal titles to find the information you need. Here is your one resource for complete coverage of criminal law, from pretrial to appeal. With 10 volumes of insight, guidance, and analysis, Criminal Defense Techniques contains all you need to effectively defend your client.

Comprehensive chapters on important areas of law. For those cases that require information unique to a special area of criminal law, you can refer to Criminal Defense Techniques for guidance on drafting the most effective strategy for your case. This valuable resource includes chapters specifically devoted to:

•  Murder
•  Drunk driving
•  Obscenity
•  Kidnapping
•  Rape and other sex crimes
•  Securities cases

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Table of contents


CH- 1 Bail Reform Act of 1984

CH- 1A Trial Strategy and Tactics

CH- 1B Federal Pretrial Motion Tactics and Techniques

CH- 1C Pretrial Preparation for a White-Collar Crime Case

CH- 1D State Pretrial Motion Tactics

CH- 2 Identification Evidence: Constitutional and Evidentiary Principles

CH- 3 Interrogation and Confessions

CH- 4 Search and Seizure

CH- 4A Representing the Accused Drug Courier

CH- 4B Suppression of Illegally Obtained Evidence: Visual Surveillance

CH- 4C Inventory Searches

CH- 4D Automobile Searches

CH- 5 Electronic Surveillance Under Federal Law

CH- 6 Representing a Witness Before a Grand Jury

CH- 6A Sufficiency of Indictments

CH- 7 Obtaining Compensation And Defense Services Under The Criminal Justice Act

CH- 8 The Preliminary Examination

CH- 9 Remedies for Pretrial Publicity

CH- 9A Media Reporting and Criminal Trials

CH- 10 Pretrial Discovery in the Federal Courts


CH- 11 Pretrial Discovery of Prosecution Witnesses In State Courts

CH- 12 Misjoinder and Prejudicial Joinder of Offenses and Defendants

CH- 13 Negotiating a Plea

CH- 14 Assignment of Counsel in State Courts

CH- 14A Effective Assistance of Counsel

CH- 15 The Evolution of Discovery in Criminal Cases

CH- 16 Motions to Suppress Evidence

CH- 17 Competence To Stand Trial

CH- 18 Pretrial Civil Commitment Alternative for the Narcotic Addict

CH- 19 Speedy Trial

CH- 20 Pretrial Conferences

CH- 21 Voir Dire

CH- 21A Challenges to the Jury Pool

App- 21A: Applicable Federal Statutes

CH- 22 Opening Argument

CH- 23 Brady: Strategy and Tactics

CH- 23A Practical Problems in Criminal Evidence--Part 1

CH- 24 Practical Problems In Criminal Evidence--Part 2

CH- 24A Direct Examination: A Criminal Defense Attorney's Guide

CH- 25 Impeachment By Prior Inconsistent Statements

CH- 25A Examination of Eyewitnesses


CH- 26 Impeachment By Prior Conviction

CH- 26A The Law and Tactics of “Other Crimes Evidence”

CH- 27 Character Testimony as a Defense to White Collar and Homicide Prosecutions

CH- 28 Psychological Aspects of the Petit Jury

CH- 29 Alibi Evidence

CH- 30 Entrapment

CH- 31 The Insanity Defense

CH- 32 Diminished Capacity

CH- 33 Demonstrative Evidence

CH- 34 Criminal Defense of a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Prosecution

CH- 35 Defending Cases Under The Hobbs and Travel Acts

CH- 36 Closing Argument

CH- 37 Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases

CH- 38 Overturning Jury Verdicts

CH- 38A Impeachment of Partial Verdicts

CH- 39 Testing the Sufficiency of the Prosecution's Evidence by a Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal

CH- 40 Role of Counsel Under the Advisory Federal Sentencing Guidelines

CH- 40A Sentencing Issues In Computer Crime Cases

CH- 41 Criteria for the Imposition of a Probationary Sentence

CH- 42 Purging the Stigma of Arrest and Conviction Records

CH- 42A Litigating on Behalf of Children in Institutions


CH- 43 State Post-Conviction Remedies

CH- 44 Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners

CH- 45 Effectiveness of Guilty Pleas

CH- 46 Vacation of Illegal Sentences

CH- 47 Probation, Parole and Other Forms of Conditional Release

CH- 48 Criminal Appeals

CH- 49 The Presumption of Innocence

CH- 50 Defense of Homicide Cases

CH- 50A Defense of a Burglary Case

CH- 51 Defending Drunk Driving Cases: Evidence Problems

CH- 52 Defense of a Gambling Case

CH- 53 Defense of Sex Crimes

CH- 53A Defense of a Rape Case


CH- 54 Defense of an Obscenity Case

CH- 55 Defense of a Kidnapping Case

CH- 55A Defense of Capital Cases

CH- 56 Defense of A Securities Case

CH- 56A Defense of a Tax Case

CH- 57 Defense of a Drug Abuse Case

CH- 58 How To Handle A Misdemeanor Or Offense

CH- 59 Defense of a Conspiracy Case

CH- 60 Defense of a Juvenile Accused of a Crime

CH- 60A Defending Aliens in Criminal Cases

CH- 61 Defense of Servicemembers


CH- 62 Corporate Criminal Responsibility -- Conducting an Internal Investigation

CH- 62A “RICO” Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

CH- 62B Federal Forfeiture

CH- 62C State Forfeiture

CH- 63 Restrictions on Trial Publicity by Defendants and Defense Lawyers

CH- 64 Representing the Controversial Defendant in the Highly Publicized Case

CH- 65 Extradition

CH- 66 The Polygraph

CH- 67 [Reserved]

CH- 67A Using Forensic Evidence in Court Today

CH- 67B [Reserved]

CH- 67C Forensic Evidence in Death, Rape and Assault Cases

CH- 67D Forensic Evidence in Drug, Alcohol and Poison Cases

CH- 68 Developing and Presenting Psychological Evidence in Criminal Defense Proceedings

CH- 68A The Use of Hypnosis In Criminal Proceedings

CH- 69 Criminal Defenses: Gender Discrimination and the Criminal Law

CH- 69A Racial Discrimination

CH- 70 Prisoners' Rights Litigation

CH- 71 Representing A Witness Before A Congressional Committee

CH- 72 [Reserved]

CH- 73 Behavior Modification

CH- 74 Criminal Sentencing Reform--Time To End The Lottery

CH- 75 Criminal Court Management: Implications for the Defense

CH- 76 Supreme Court Procedure

CH- 77 Conflicts And Multiple Representation At The Pre-Indictment Stage

CH- 77A The Attorney-Client Privilege in the Criminal Practice


CH- 78 Cross-Examination of Accomplices and Informers

CH- 78A Examination of the Child Witness

CH- 79 Cross-Examining the Witness Who Has Received Immunity or Leniency From the Government

CH- 79A Cross-Examination in Business Crime Cases

CH- 79B Direct Examination in Business Crime Cases

CH- 80 Private Searches

CH- 80A Brief Detentions for Investigative Purposes

CH- 81 Stop and Frisk

CH- 82 Warrantless Home Arrests

CH- 83 Suppression of Illegally Obtained Evidence: Pretext Searches

CH- 84 Computer Crime

CH- 85 Essentials for the Prosecution and Defense of Federal Program Fraud

App- 85A: Prosecution and Defense of Federal Program Fraud

App- 85B: Prosecution and Defense of Federal Program Fraud

App- 85C: Sample Medicare Forms

CH- 86 Outrageous Government Conduct

CH- 87 Defense Strategy In DNA Identification Cases

CH- 88 Defense of Bank Crimes

CH- 89 The Classified Information Procedures Act

CH- 90 The Armed Career Criminal Act

CH- 91 through 100 RESERVED


CH- 101 Introduction to Motion Practice

CH- 102 Bail

CH- 103 Arraignment

CH- 104 Preliminary Hearings

CH- 105 Grand Jury Motions

CH- 106 Motions To Dismiss

CH- 107 Venue

CH- 108 Discovery

CH- 109 Bills of Particulars

CH- 110 Motions to Suppress Confessions and Identification Evidence

CH- 111 Motions to Suppress Evidence


CH- 112 Notice of Alibi and Insanity Defenses

CH- 113 Joinder and Severance

CH- 114 Speedy Trial Motions

CH- 115 Continuances

CH- 116 Motions and Stipulations Regarding Pleas and Plea Agreements

CH- 117 Motions To Disqualify Judge or Counsel

CH- 118 Motions In Limine

CH- 119 Jury Selection and Jurors

CH- 120 Motions for Acquittal or New Trial

CH- 122 Appeals and Post-Conviction Remedies

CH- 123 Miscellaneous Motions

VOLUME 7 (Diamond)

Table of Cases