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Criminal Constitutional Law

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Print Book :3 volumes, looseleaf, updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820510989
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ISBN: 9781579116767
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This wide-ranging treatise examines all the complex constitutional issues involved in criminal law. It provides substantive discussion, as well as procedural guidelines on tactics and strategy. The treatise analyzes all important Supreme Court, federal and state decisions interpreting Constitution provisions.

Procedures mandated by the constitution for police, the courts, the prosecution and the defense at each stage of the criminal process are thoroughly scrutinized, with discussions of:

•  Prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures, including "good faith" exceptions
•  Protection against compulsive self-incrimination and compelled testimony
•  Prohibition against excessive bail
•  Obligations of due process and equal protection
•  Right to counsel, right to a jury trial, and rights of appeal

First published in 1990.

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 

CHAPTER 2 Search and Seizure

CHAPTER 3 Search and Seizure: Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement

CHAPTER 4 Confessions and Other Incriminating Statements

CHAPTER 5 Eyewitness Identification Procedures

CHAPTER 6 Grand Jury Procedures

CHAPTER 7 Pretrial Release

CHAPTER 8 The Preliminary Hearing

CHAPTER 9 Prosecutorial Decisionmaking

CHAPTER 10 Disclosure and Discovery

CHAPTER 11 Pretrial Motions

CHAPTER 12 Pleas and Plea Bargaining

CHAPTER 13 Right to Counsel

CHAPTER 14 Trial by Jury

CHAPTER 14A Conduct of the Trial

CHAPTER 14B Civil Forfeiture

CHAPTER 15 Appeals