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Couse's Ohio Form Book

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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781593458874
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9780327190561
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6th Edition
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Featuring more than 1,000 official forms in a convenient topical format, the set also includes general commentary explaining the law governing the forms followed by tax commentary explaining state and federal tax laws.

This set covers and is organized in accordance with the following general areas of practice: business law, commercial transactions, domestic relations, estate planning and probate, legal practice, professional relationships, and real property.

Forms are thoroughly cross-referenced to related forms, with references to Page's Ohio Revised Code Annotated and Ohio cases, applicable federal statutes and cases, and relevant secondary materials.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

§ Volume One 


Preface to First Edition

Business Entities

Chapter 1: For Profit Corporations

Chapter 2: Not For Profit Corporations

Chapter 3: Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 4: Partnerships


§ Volume One A

Commercial Transactions

Chapter 5: Bankruptcy, Composition Agreements and Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

Chapter 6: Secured Transactions

Chapter 7: Sale of Goods

Chapter 8: Commercial Paper

Chapter 9: Commission Merchants and Consignments

Chapter 10: Warehouse Receipts

Chapter 11: Bills of Sale/Bills of Lading

Chapter 12: Mechanics' Liens

General Business Dealings

Chapter 13: Contracts

Chapter 14: Guaranties

Chapter 15: Assignments

Chapter 16: Employment Contracts

Chapter 17: Trade Secrets

Chapters 18-23: Reserved


§ Volume Two

Domestic Relations

Chapter 24: Family Law

Estate Planning and Probate

Chapter 25: Administration of Decedents' Estates

Chapter 26: Wills and Trusts


§ Volume Three

Legal Practice

Chapter 27: Affidavits

Chapter 28: Arbitration

Chapter 29: Court Certificates

Chapter 30: Releases

Professional Relationships

Chapter 31: Attorneys at Law

Chapter 32: Physician and Patient

Real Property

Chapter 33: Building Contracts

Chapter 34: Condominium Property

Chapter 35: Deeds

Chapter 36: Easements and Licenses

Chapter 37: Land Installment Contracts

Chapter 38: Leases

Chapter 39: Mortgages

Chapter 40: Options

Chapter 41: Power of Attorney

Chapter 42: Real Estate Brokers