Court Awarded Attorney Fees

Includes everything you need to petition for or to oppose attorney's fee award.

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Includes everything you need to petition for or to oppose an attorney's fee award.

•  Complete analysis of the case law
•  Total information on the kinds of cases in which fees are available
•  Comprehensive discussion on who is entitled to and eligible for a fee award
•  Complete, practical information on fee petition, procedures on how fees are calculated
•  Forms for each step of the fee award process for both petitioner and the party opposing the fee
•  References to every federal attorney fee statute

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Table of contents


CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Attorney Fees in Federal Courts

CHAPTER 2 The Common Fund Exception to the American Rule

CHAPTER 3 The Substantial Benefit Exception to the American Rule

CHAPTER 4 The Bad Faith Exception to the American Rule

CHAPTER 5 Statutory Exceptions to the American Rule

CHAPTER 6 Attorney Fee Agreements

CHAPTER 7 Eligibility Factors Other Than Outcome

CHAPTER 8 Eligibility: The Outcome Factor; "Prevailing Party"

CHAPTER 9 Eligibility Without Final Judgment on the Merits

CHAPTER 10 Standards of Entitlement

CHAPTER 11 Fee Entitlement Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

CHAPTER 12 Multi-Claim Litigation

CHAPTER 13 Attorney Fees for Participation in Ancillary Proceedings

CHAPTER 14 State Law and State Courts

CHAPTER 15 Methods of Fee Calculation

CHAPTER 16 Computing the Lodestar Fee

CHAPTER 17 Apportionment of Attorney Fees

CHAPTER 18 Procedure for Obtaining a Fee


CHAPTER 19 Step 1: Beginning of the Case

CHAPTER 20 Step 2: Interim Fees

CHAPTER 21 Step 3: Settlement

CHAPTER 22 Step 4: Trial and Judgment

CHAPTER 23 Step 5: Fee Motion; Initial Motion Requesting Fee Award

CHAPTER 24 Step 6: Fee Motion; Supporting Documentation--Evidentiary
Materials and Memoranda of Law

CHAPTER 25 Step 7: Discovery

CHAPTER 26 Step 8: Hearing on the Fee Motion

CHAPTER 27 Step 9: Appeal

CHAPTER 28 Step 10: Collecting the Fee


CHAPTER 29 Economic Regulation-- Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 30 Securities--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 31 Consumer Protection--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 32 Consumer Safety--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 33 Environmental Protection --Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 34 Civil Rights--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 35 Employment--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 36 Labor Organizations--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 37 Sunshine and Privacy--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 38 Abuse of Process--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 39 Federal Liability for Fees--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 40 Intellectual Property--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 41 Debtors' Estates-- Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 42 Attorney Fee Statutes With Supervisory and Monetary

CHAPTER 43 Common Fund/Substantial Benefit--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 44 Indemnification-- Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 45 Federal Agency Participation--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 46 Florida--Attorney Fee Schedule

CHAPTER 47 New York--Attorney Fee Statutes

CHAPTER 48 California--Selected Attorney Fee Statutes