Convenient Action - Continuity for Change

Authored by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, this book proposes a 'paradigm shift' on climate change, through active promotion of clean technologies dissemination and development of renewable energy.
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ISBN: 9781522105039
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Authored by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the biggest democracy in the world - India, Convenient Action - Continuity for Change documents multidimensional initiatives and innovations that Modi took first as the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat and then as the Prime Minister. Modi describes how such clean and green development initiatives taken at both the state and national level have significantly contributed and will continue to contribute to the adaptation and mitigation of climate change with relevant examples, facts and data. The book chronicles Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision and commitment to the cause of climate change and represents the big step that India is taking to implement pioneering initiatives and transform itself into a low carbon economy, for making a real positive difference to the global environment.

In this book, Modi emphasizes the need for convergence of economy, energy and ecology, and to broaden the outlook and vision from Climate Change to Climate Justice - to take care of the concerns of the poor and future generations in the journey towards sustainable development. Modi proposes a 'paradigm shift' on climate change, which means a more active promotion of clean technologies dissemination and development of renewable energy. He has also drawn the correlation between ancient Indian knowledge and the need to conserve nature.

This book highlights Prime Minister Modi's vision and strategy for advancement of practical policy development towards positive climate action and paves the way for integration of climate change adaptation into all aspects of policy formulation and implementation. Convenient Action - Continuity for Change is an open and humble attempt to connect with international community and provide a great deal of inspiration to various cross sections of the society to join in the global drive to deal with the challenges of climate change.

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Table of contents

•   Climate Ethics

•   From Water Riots to Water Security

•   Powergudas of Gujarat (Small is Beautiful)

•   Big is Also Beautiful (Sardar Sarovar Project)

•   Silenced River Springs Back to Life (Reviving Sabarmati River by Inter-basin Water Transfer)

•   In Search of Better Alternatives (Panam High Level Canal Project)

•   Reducing Urban Warming

•   Switchover to Gaseous Green

•   From Carbon Credits to Green Credits

•   Energy Reforms Essential for Mitigation

•   The Eternal Power of Sun & Wind

•   Coastal Sustainable Livelihoods

•   Continuity for Change

•   Climate Justice

•   Abbreviations