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Construction Insurance

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The intersection between construction and insurance is an often overlooked, but essential consideration. This important resource is a perfect practice handbook for construction lawyers, written by practitioners with considerable expertise in both construction and insurance. This practical book provides overviews of individual construction insurance topic areas in each chapter, chosen because of their relevance to construction lawyers.

The book begins with an introduction to basic insurance and related construction delivery concepts, and also discusses insurance-related contract drafting considerations. Six subsequent chapters discuss each of the basic insurance products typically used for construction, with an emphasis on their place in the construction context -- commercial general liability insurance, builders risk, professional liability insurance, and pollution insurance. There’s a chapter on the related concepts of construction contract indemnities and additional insured coverage in commercial general liability (CGL) policies, and another covering performance bonds and contractor default insurance.

In addition, you’ll find valuable information on special insurance considerations, the “wrap-up” insurance model and how these programs work, and the insurance claims “process” in the course of construction. Finally, there is a detailed discussion of insurance coverage for delay-related damages under three types of insurance coverage and through performance bonds. In addition each chapter provides a list of resources for further reading. If you are involved in the construction field and need a complete resource on construction insurance, this is one book that you don't want to miss.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1

Insurance and Risk Transfer Basics for Construction Projects

David T. Dekker, Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard, Melissa C. Lesmes, José M. Pienknagura, and Laura Thomson

Chapter 2

Construction Contract Insurance Clauses

Ryan K. Cochran, Christopher S. Dunn, and Stephen D. Palley

Chapter 3

Commercial General Liability Coverage

Lee H. Shidlofsky and Patrick J. Wielinski

Chapter 4

Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance

Christopher H. Westrick and Catherine M. Shiels

Chapter 5

Construction Contract Indemnities, the “Insured Contract,” and Additional Insured Coverage

Wm. Cary Wright and Clifford J. Shapiro

Chapter 6

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Tracy Alan Saxe, David G. Jordan, John S. Sandberg, Caroline W. Spangenberg, and Julie A. Lierly

Chapter 7

Pollution Insurance

Jeffrey Davis, Keith Bruett, and Michael Mostow

Chapter 8

Builders Risk Insurance

Patrick O’Connor, Jr. and Jocelyn Knoll

Chapter 9

Performance Bonds and Contractor Default Insurance

Dennis C. Cavanaugh, John L. Hunt, and Donald R. Spratt

Chapter 10

Controlled Insurance Programs

Michael D. Hastings and Amy Hobbs Iannone

Chapter 11

The Claims Process

Terry J. Galganski and Timothy E. Delahunt

Chapter 12

Construction Delays, Insurance Coverage, and Performance Bonds

Stephen D. Palley and Michael McNamara

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