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Connecticut Torts: The Law and Practice

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781632846242
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Whether you are a plaintiff or defense attorney, Connecticut Torts: The Law and Practice will help you develop successful strategies for obtaining and defending against the claimed remedy - such as agency relationships, availability of punitive damages, causation, or increased risk. And, whether you're an experienced practitioner or a novice, you will save hours of valuable case preparation time by relying on this book's sample forms.

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Recovering Monetary Damages in Tort Actions

Chapter 2. Obtaining Injunctive Relief

Chapter 3. Proceeding With a Statutory Remedy

Chapter 4. Resolving Issues Relating to Employer Liability: Agency, Respondeat Superior, and Independent Contractors

Chapter 5. Anticipating Special Issues Relating to Minors

Chapter 6. Vehicle Owners as Defendants: The Family Car Doctrine and Rental Car Statute

Chapter 7. Recovering Damages for Personal Injuries

Chapter 8. Bringing a Wrongful Death or Survival Action

Chapter 9. Claims Stemming from the Conception and Birth of a Child: Wrongful Pregnancy, Birth, and Life

Chapter 10. Bringing Third-Party Claims for Bystander Emotional Distress and Loss of Consortium

Chapter 11. Bringing a Negligence Claim: Issues of Duty and Causation

Chapter 12. Bringing Intentional Torts Claims

Chapter 13. Bringing a Recklessness Claim

Chapter 14. Recovering for Injury to Property

Chapter 15. Recovering for Damage to Reputation: Defamation

Chapter 16. Professional Malpractice

Chapter 17. Bringing a Product Liability Case

Chapter 18. Bringing a Strict Liability Action

Chapter 19. Bringing a Nuisance Cause of Action

Chapter 20. Bringing Claims for Fraud and Misrepresentation

Chapter 21. Bringing a Claim for Tortious Interference with Contractual Relationships

Chapter 22. Remedies for the Fired Employee: Bringing a Wrongful Discharge Claim

Chapter 23. Determining Whether Governments, Parents, and Other Defendants Are Immune from Civil Liability

Chapter 24. Is the Action Time-Barred? Asserting or Avoiding the Statutes of Limitations Defense

Chapter 25. Mitigating Damages

Chapter 26. Recovering Interest Under the "Offers of Compromise" Statutes

Chapter 27. Collateral Source Statute: How Will It Reduce the Economic Damages Award?

Chapter 28. Apportioning Damages Among Parties; The Comparative Fault Statute

Chapter 29. Attorney's Fees and Costs: When Can They Be Awarded? How Can an Attorney Recover Them?

Chapter 30. Filing a Post-Verdict Motion for Remittitur or Additur

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes