Connecticut Medical Malpractice: A Manual of Practice And Procedure

By Joyce Lagnese, Calum Anderson, Frank Santoro
Publisher: ALM

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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781628816310
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5th Edition
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"Joyce Lagnese, Calum Anderson and Frank Santoro have provided Connecticut attorneys with a remarkably complete and up-to-date analysis of our State’s medical malpractice law. This thoroughly researched, well-balanced and comprehensive treatise needs to be in every lawyer’s library if their practice area includes the complex and ever-changing law of medical malpractice." —James D.Bartolini, Esq.

Newly revised and reorganized, Connecticut Medical Malpractice: A Manual of Practice and Procedure is the "go-to" legal reference handbook for all Connecticut medical malpractice litigators, both the defense and plaintiff's bar. Three well-known Hartford area attorneys (from the firm of Danaher, Lagnese & Sacco, P.C.) have thoroughly covered this overdue subject.

Reviewed by one of the leading plaintiff's attorneys in the state, James D. Bartolini, has said "This is Black Letter Law written with an eye toward helping the novice as well as seasoned malpractice attorney."

Chapters Include:
• General Duty of Health Care Providers
• Causation
• Damages
• Certificate of Good Faith and Opinion Letter
• Statute of Limitations
• Informed Consent
• Hospital Liability
• Expert Testimony
• Evidentiary Issues
• Trial Management Issues
• Apportionment
• Areas of Special Statutory Regulation
• Claims Distinct From but Related to Medical Malpractice
• Privileges and Immunities
• Disclosure of Patient Information
• Duty of Mental Health Provider to Third Parties
• Actions Against the Government
• Insurance Issues
• Administrative Regulation of Health Care Providers

New! Important discussion of recent case law, statutory changes and rules.

New Sections:
• Habit and Practice Evidence
• The Reptile Theory
• The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Also New Discussions of:
• Apparent Authority
• Miscellaneous Holdings that Cases are Not Medical Malpractice and Therefore Do Not Require Letter
• Miscellaneous Holdings that Cases are Medical Malpractice Cases which do Require Letter
• Cases Holding that Author is a Similar Health Care Provider
• Cases Holding that Author is Not a Similar Health Care Provider
• Relationship Between Opinion Letter Statute and Practice Book Provisions Relating to Disclosure
• Suitable Tolling

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