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Complex Issues in California Family Law - Volume H

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Family Law Business Valuations: Mechanics of a Business Valuation

A business is often the most valuable asset owned by either party: its proper valuation can be critical to the outcome of a case. Coauthored by a noted forensic accountant and business appraiser, the authors walk the practitioner through the "mechanical" aspects of business valuation, show how to productively interact with the appraiser and provide numerous examples of the preparation of valuation issues for settlement and trial purposes.

This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

H1 Point of View 
H2 Underlying Premises of Business Valuation in Family Law Matters
H3 Overview of Business Appraisal Process
H4 Choosing a Business Valuation Expert
H5 Documents and Information Needed to Perform a Business Appraisal
H6 Analyzing and Adjusting Financial Statements and Tax Returns
H7 Research Performed
H8 Site Visit and Interview
H9 Valuation Adjustments
H10 Fair Compensation Issues
H11 Valuation Approaches and Methods
H12 Other Valuation Issues
H13 Information Relevant to Valuing a Small Law Practice
H14 Valuing Only Intangible or Goodwill of Small or Group Medical Practice
H15 Where Do We Go from Here?
Index—Subject Matter and Major Case References